Yesterday we had the kick-off of the Libertarian Party convention for 2016 in Orlando, Florida. A record 985 delegates and 344 alternates are meeting to pick the LP 2016 presidential nominee. So if you don′t want to ′Make America Great Again′ and support Donald J. Trump, whom, incidentally, clinched the GOP nomination this week and surpassed the 1237 delegate mark, you can still throw your vote away. There are a bunch of candidates running, too many for me to list! My favorite, of course, is the kook from New Hampshire, Vermin Supreme. He′s the guy who walks around with a fishing boot on his head. The front runner is clearly Gary Johnson, who has already announced his vice presidential running mate, William Weld. Glenn Beck, who always picks a loser, is now backing Austin Petersen, who has no chance at all.

Naturally, many in the ever-shrinking ′Never Trump′ crowd are excited about one recent poll which shows Johnson getting 10% of the popular vote in a three-way race between Trump, Crooked Hillary Clinton, and Gary. But even William Kristol is unhappy about it, as he still pines for Mitt Romney to run as an Independent. Another notable LP candidate is none other than John McAfee. Yep, THAT McAfee! The software guy! Also once very confused and a person of interest in some weird goings-on in Belize. But nothing ever came of that, so why dwell on it?

C-SPAN will be carrying portions of the Libertarian Party convention for 2016 live this weekend. So, you political junkies will have something to watch if you don′t like the war movie marathon on TCM. The LP was fun way back when but I′ve had my fill of them. Yes, I still agree with Libertarians on some issues, but the party sucks! Only a handful of states had actual primaries where ordinary folks could vote. Most states and such assign delegates based on state conventions, so, one could say that the Libertarian Party is rigged! Add to that how dreadful they are in promoting their cause and candidates.

I went to their website this morning to find a list of presidential candidates and there was none! There was a list of folks running for every office from governor to county water commissioner. Just one, big, long list you would have to search through to find a relevant candidate. Seriously! I haven′t seen anything this bad on the Internet in 20 years. How about splitting the list up by states, or at least by offices? Thank goodness for Wikipedia! This just goes to show how the Libertarian Party is not serious at all about winning. This is when you have to take a long look in the mirror and ask ″Why bother?″

So there it is. Will you waste any of your time this weekend watching the Libertarian Party convention for 2016 in Orlando, Florida? Will you march to the drumbeat of Gary Johnson and William Weld? Or are you determined to ′Make America Great Again′ and support Donald J. Trump? The only ′REAL′ candidate who can defeat Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton and prevent her from further destroying the United States! Maybe you want another 4 or 8 years of apologizing for the alleged sins of America? Or adding to the list of politically correct banned words and phrases. Or adding to the list the number of genders you can claim you are? If you want to be broke and live in a Socialist wasteland without moving to Venezuela, then bless your heart and vote for Crooked Hillary. Or if you think you will make some silly statement of principle, then go ahead and vote for Gary Johnson or some other fool. But, if you want to save America from the thugs, terrorists and Socialists, then you have only one option, Donald J. Trump!