The Inspector General of the Department of State has completed its investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal and issued a 78-page report yesterday. The report concludes that Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton did indeed break the rules concerning the use of a private email account for official, government business. Unlike previous Secretary of States, she went one step further using a private email server. While the Clinton campaign scrambled to downplay the report as if nothing new was learned, the truth is there were many new details. For starters, for over a year Crooked Hillary has been saying that she had permission to use the private email server from the State Department. This is an outright lie! Not only did she never get any permission, nor even asked for it, but she continually rejected attempts by others to stop using it!

According to the report, by Spring of 2010, many State Department officials were becoming concerned with Crooked Hillary Clinton′s emails. By late Autumn of 2010, the Information Technology manager for the Department of State ordered IT techs to stop asking about Clinton′s emails and never bring the subject up again. The report also confirms that there were growing concerns over hacking attempts on her private server. Even the tech working for her husband, Bill Clinton, warned in November of 2011 that the server needed to be shut down! An email not released before in previous document dumps by Clinton or the State Department shows that Crooked Hillary′s top aide, Huma Abedin, circulated the warning by the Clinton Foundation technician about the ongoing hacking attempts. So much for the endless lies by Crooked Hillary that there was no threat.

The report from the State Department Inspector General lists the many rules broken by Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton on her emails. Aside from issues of national security, her use of the private server also violated Federal rules and laws concerning the archiving of all official documents. Attempts by the State Department to have her cease using the server and to turn over all emails before leaving office were rejected by Crooked Hillary who was only worried about her private emails. The deletion of tens of thousands of emails without a review or audit by the Department of State is a violation of Federal document laws.

Another new revelation from the IG report deals with how Crooked Hillary Clinton and her staff did not fully cooperate with the State Department investigation into the emails. Once again, we have another major lie as Crooked Hillary has consistently claimed that she and her staff cooperated fully. The report specifies that she, herself, refused to be interviewed by the Inspector General. Other aspects of the report run contrary to statements made by Crooked Hillary and other staff members under her during testimony to Congress. This would appear to be conclusive proof that she and others lied to Congress while under oath, a felony offense.

One can only guess now what the FBI will do when they make their recommendations to the Justice Department on the Crooked Hillary Clinton emails. Over 2,000 emails were on her private server which are deemed as having classified material. Mishandling those is a federal crime for each email. Furthermore, we know of at least 22 emails which were rated as containing ′Top Secret′ material, of a nature so sensitive as they could harm our national security. The mere fact that that material was on her private email server is a felony offense under the Espionage Act. That does not include further potential charges on those responsible for sending the material to Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton in emails, as such material was stored separately on secure government systems not connected to the Internet. Somebody had to physically remove that information and then and send it to her private email account and server.

If the FBI comes to the same conclusion as the State Department Inspector General report did, then there is no doubt that Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton broke the rules, and the laws. She should be indicted immediately and face the consequences of her vain attempt to operate outside of the public scrutiny. The whole point of this entire exercise was so Crooked Hillary Clinton could communicate with people without a public record. She wanted to hide what she was doing from everyone. Keep in mind that under the Espionage Act, intent does not matter. Mishandling classified material is a crime whatever the reason. So it does not matter why she did it, but it is plain to see why. Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be trusted.