Police were busying in Albuquerque, New Mexico last night outside of a Donald Trump rally. While over 8,000 fans of The Donald cheered him on, several hundred Anti-Trump protesters rioted outside the city′s convention center. The violent protesters burned flags, broke store windows and throw rocks and bricks at police, injuring several. Those arrested had ′Better Call Saul′ as they face charges for their violence. Most of the rioters were fans of Bernie Sanders and or the Hispanic supremacist group, La Raza, which translates to ″The Race″. They carried flags of Mexico while burning American flags as well as Trump posters and signs. There were also several fist fights as protesters attacked Trump supporters.

While all of this was going on in New Mexico, the 2016 Washington State GOP primary took place. Actually, the primary has been going on for over a month, as Washington, like Oregon, relies on a mail-in ballot system. Yesterday was the last day that voters could turn in their ballots to designated counting centers. Being the last candidate remaining, Trump easily won the 44 delegates getting over 76% of the vote. Ted Cruz and John Kasich, both of whom were still running active campaigns at the time the ballots were mailed out, each got about 10% of the vote.

As for how the riot outside the Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico will impact the general election in November, it will probably help Trump in the long run. Just as in 1968 when riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago helped Richard Nixon appeal to the ′Silent Majority′, who were sick of the unrest of the 60s. Today, people are getting fed up with political correctness. Fed up with being left behind economically. Fed up with a government who rigs the system for the special interest groups and fat-cat corporations. Liberalism has only divided America more, and has made us much poorer, too! High-paying, manufacturing jobs have fled the high taxation of Democratic administrations. The Middle Class is shrinking and getting poorer each year.

This is why so many of the Middle Class are supporting Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the United States of America. Trump promises to reverse the trend of jobs leaving for foreign lands. To end the government stranglehold on the Middle Class and small businesses. To do away with political correctness and return us to being a nation based on common sense. Just yesterday the Department of Homeland Security announced that it is spending $40 Million dollars to build a special facility to accommodate transgender illegal immigrants. Not only will they find shelter there, but the Barack Hussein Obama administration will provide the clothes the transgender illegal immigrants need to wear in accordance with their new, chosen gender. Liberal ideas like this is why we are over $19 Trillion dollars in debt! The fools who riot against Donald Trump are just that, fools!