Darling of the Far Left, Elizabeth Warren, tried to lash out at Donald J. Trump over comments he made about a potential housing bubble burst back in 2006. Warren, along with Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, attempted to make the point that Trump is just another greedy business looking to profit on the suffering of the Middle Class. But, as it turns out, ′Pocahontas′ Warren actually did do just that! Unlike Donald Trump, who only bought some cheaper commercial property and golf courses following the Crash of 2008, Warren made a quick bundle of cash flipping foreclosed homes, according to an article by the National Review back on May 27, 2015. Just the sort that suffering, Middle Class workers lost during the worst of the crash. Even Heartless Hillary Clinton is not clean and pure, either, having said during a Democratic debate back on December 5, 2007, that it was the home buyers themselves who were to blame for buying houses they could not afford.

Of course, Crooked Hillary is even more to blame as she and her husband expanded the Community Reinvestment Act, CRA, forcing banks to make ′No-No′ loans. ″No job, No credit, No problem!″ While Bill Clinton was raping women and Crooked Hillary was cutting secret deals with Big Pharma for HillaryCare, Attorney General Janet Reno was threatening banks to make bad loans as if they were David Koresh. Under orders from ′Billary′, Damn-it-Janet was going to come down hard on banks unless they dished out loans which could never be paid back. All in an effort to create a housing bubble and a phony economic boom in the 1990s.

Historically, the housing construction sector is the most vital indicator of a national economy. When times are good, people buy, they spend money, including money they borrow. If a purchase is a worthwhile one, making it a good investment, and the person requesting the loan has a good credit rating, the banks will love you and lend you all the cash you want. But this was not the case for those in the CRA program. The properties were usually poor ones, located in crime-ridden urban areas. Those seeking CRA loans usually had shaky employment records and were on the low-end of income earners. Many experienced home loan experts estimated that 50% or more of CRA home loans would fail and go into default.

One solution for the banks was offered by Crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton was to get rid of Glass-Steagall, which was a law from the Great Depression era, dividing ′consumer′ banks from ′investment′ banks. So many banks had failed after the 1929 Stock Market Crash because they had made loans to people who used the money for buying stocks. With Glass-Stegall, only investment banks would be allowed to do so and, as a result, charge higher interest rates due to the greater risk. Removing this law opened the field for banks to compensate for making bad home loans by bundling the loans into an investment package for resale. Many institutions, including countries like Greece and Ireland, bought these mortgage-backed securities because they thought they would earn plenty of profit.

But, the bubble burst, and the shaky investments became worthless. Worse yet, that worthless paper is still out there, much of it in the hands of the US Treasury as they bought up the bad paper from home loan giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The Federal Reserve Bank has trillions of this junk, too, but who cares about them? They are just another evil, Delaware-based private corporation. Maybe after Trump is elected, we′ll get the Fed audited for the first time in their 103-year history. That should be fun! Trump ought to know, the IRS, the storm-troopers for the Fed, audit Trump every year!

So are Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton and Elizabeth ′Pocahontas′ Warren hypocrites for trying to attack Donald J. Trump over comments he made in 2006? You bet they are! There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that Donald Trump made a penny on buying foreclosed homes owned by ordinary Americans. If he made money during the Crash of 2008, Trump made it at the suffering of some over-extended fat-cat hedge fund manager or Wall Street broker. I′m playing the world′s smallest violin for them! Boo-Hoo! On the other hand, we do indeed have evidence that Pocahontas Warren profitted from the suffering of the Middle Class. Plus, we have evidence that Heartless Hillary Clinton blamed the suffering Middle Class for the Crash of 2008! So there you have it. Trump is Truth! Trump is Good! Trump is Real! Repeat that five times after every meal and you too will enter Trump World with a happy smile on your face.