Another weekend and another batch of presidential polls. Bad news for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton as the latest polls show her dead even or losing to Donald J. Trump. Here we are in mid-May and Trump has accelerated his standing with voters. In the case of Black and Hispanic voters, Donald Trump has already reached support levels equal to those of Mitt Romney from the 2012 general election. With still over 5 months to go, things are looking very good for Trump to easily surpass Mittens come November. With Heartless Hillary being as unpopular as she is, there seems little hope for her to rally her core groups in time.


The trend lines are unmistakable and lead to only one outcome. By Labor Day, 2016, Donald Trump will be well out in front of Crooked Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt that Trump will cream her in the debates. She will be totally humiliated by the end of October. A landslide victory for Donald Trump is inevitable. Crooked Hillary may be lucky to win a dozen states and lose horribly in the Electoral College.

I am so looking forward to this, I can barely contain my glee! Talk about a ′perfect storm′! For once the GOP is fielding a real fighter. Somebody who is highly motivated to win. Not just going through the motions of some milquetoast career. Donald Trump is determined to be victorious and will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. Even if he has to drag Crooked Hillary through a pig sty. He is going to make her look so dreadful after the first debate the Clinton clan may go into hiding. I doubt if even Bill Clinton will be able to get a cheap date after what Trump does to this family of corrupt politicians.

They have it coming, too! The smart move after leaving the White House in 2000 was to have fun with their charity group, siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars to enrich themselves. Crooked Hillary should never have run for the US Senate, nor for the White House in 2008. Even after being humiliated by Barack Obama, she should have turned down the Secretary of State job and retired from public life.

But, Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton have egos bigger than the Montana sky. They think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. For the most part, they have, in the past. Times change and the Clintons are no longer so cute and adorable any longer. Much of the change is their own fault, too! Liberal colleges and universities are churning out a new breed of staunch Progressives whom are not buying into the antics of the Clintons. Bill is now seen more as a lecherous, dirty old man. To the Modern Progressive, even ′trail-trash′ women are victims in rape cases. But the sins of Crooked Hillary Clinton are even more hated. Aside from enabling her husband′s sexual predatory ways, she not only supported the Iraq War but is cozy with Wall Street.

The new wave of polls show weak support for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton among young voters, particularly young women voters. With the primary fight against Bernie Sanders becoming a blood feud, how she can win over his supporters remains a mystery. Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, is starting off with an essentially even playing field. Five months ago, he was still facing over a dozen GOP opponents and barely had 25-30% support of Republicans. Now, Trump has tripled that number since becoming the presumptive nominee. ′The Base′ is pretty much locked down. As a master of marketing and self-promotion, Trump has a clear path to improve his support with other voting blocks. He doesn′t need to do much, just slight gains in a few key groups will ensure him a victory in November. Trump, a real estate developer, understands the importance of ′location-location-location′. All he has to do is swing a few voters in a few key states, counties, districts, and the White House is his! Just in the past couple of weeks, Trump now has most of the GOP in his pocket. Five months from now, he′ll have most of America eating from his big, powerful hands!