The Washington Post published a lengthy article about a sharp increase in the number of ′Patriot′, militia groups. The latest offering of the Discovery Network, Vice TV, has done a show visiting the Michigan Militia. Other news articles of the few weeks describe increases in the sale of bunkers, doomsday prepper equipment, guns, ammunition, and survival foods. We are also seeing a spike in the sale of solar panels and small wind generators as more people head for the hills to live ′Off-the-Grid′. Popular TV series like ″The Walking Dead″, ″Fear The Walking Dead″, ″Containment″, all revolve around a common theme that in a serious emergency situation, the government may not only be unable to help you, but may act against your survival. Even TV shows like ″Tiny House Nation″ indicate a shift in the American attitude towards consumerism, accumulation and the concept of ′bigger-is-better′.

Other TV series like ″Doomsday Preppers″, ″America Unplugged″ and ″Forged in Fire″ preach self-sufficiency and developing survival skills. The art of the blacksmith is making a comeback. Whether it is growing your own food, producing drinkable water or making your own knives and tools, several cultural trends are combining as people reevaluate what is important to them.

We can all thank Robert A. Heinlein for this! One of the most popular science fiction authors helped promote two, separate movements in American subculture. Heinlein not only gave us some of the best ′Conservative′ literature, focused on the struggle between individual rights versus Big Government, but he also started the whole ′Flower-Power′ movement, as well. Whether it was the staunch Nationalism of ″Starship Troopers″, a profoundly prophetic warning about Sharia Law and global Islamic State in ″Farnham′s Freehold″, or the psychedelic trip via ″Stranger in a Strange Land″, Heinlein scored 10 out of 10 in his visions of the future.

Heinlein hated Communism in all of its forms. During the Reagan administration, he was even tapped to serve on a committee exploring the potential of the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI, also known as ″Star Wars″. There is much to learn from reading his novels. For example, in ″Farnham′s Freehold″, our heroes survive a nuclear war while all nice and cozy in their well-built bunker. They pass the time by playing various board and card games, something that all good preppers should consider. Especially those with young children. If you are going to keep cooped up for a long while in a tight space, you better have plenty of distractions, including good food. The US Navy usually assigns their best cooks to submarine duty to keep morale up as crews stay locked up for months on end.

Of course, the ninnies of the Nanny State are repelled by all of this activity. Far-Left stooges from the Southern Poverty Law Center consider those in the various Patriot, Prepper and Survivalist movements as dangerous, domestic terrorists. Anyone with a legally-purchased semi-automatic rifle and a copy of the US Constitution is a bad guy in their opinion. Meanwhile, we have Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton attacking Donald J. Trump on gun ownership issues as she addresses the Trayvon Martin Foundation. There ya go! Start a foundation named after a teenage hoodlum who beat up a school bus driver, was busted with drugs and stolen property in his possession at his school, and was generally hostile and up to no-good. I′m sure the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks that the Trayvon Martin Foundation is a fine, upstanding group of peace-loving citizens.

Why dwell on minor issues of Trayvon Martin taking selfies while holding a handgun in a threatening way? No room in the Washington Post for articles about that! Even though the greatest threat to young, Black men are other young, Black men, the public shouldn′t be confused with such details. Far easier to blame a bunch of law-abiding, middle-aged, White men who happen to own firearms instead. And the folks at the Washington Post and New York Times wonder why such law-abiding, middle-aged White men distrust The Media and Big Government?

But what is happening in America goes far beyond race or gender or other common pigeon holes that the Far-Left routinely use. Since 9/11 and the Crash of 2008, uncertainty has been growing stronger in the America psyche. Throughout much of the 1950s and early 60s, America certainty was bread and butter on every kitchen table. We were certain that we could get a job that would last a lifetime. Even without college! Those who got a degree could expect to have a life-long career. When you go back further, say after the Civil War, most Americans were certain that if they worked hard they would get ahead in life. The 1930s threw a monkey-wrench in that belief, but after WW2, certainly was back and as strong as ever.

By the late 1960s and early 1970s, the winds began to change. The Cuban Missile Crisis made the Cold War far more real than the Korean War or the Vietnam War. The struggle between super-states even began to take second place to domestic problems as various factions within our society tested traditional values. By the mid 1970s, America′s place in the world seemed to be declining. Social disharmony at home grew at the same time our economic strength waned. The Madison Avenue view of material success and identity slipped away.

Many sought to go ′Back-to-Nature′. At first, it was the Flower-Power children. The Hippies of the 60s rejected consumerism and materialism in all forms. The organic movement sprung up as many sought to rediscover the Simple Life. This movement was put on hold as Ronald Reagan restored much faith in ′The System′, thereby giving Certainty a boost. But some aspects of our societal decay were continuing and those who were not distracted kept their powder dry.

The ′Patriot′ and Militia Movements were born out of the old property tax revolts of the 1980s. The same folks who led that fight began tackling the income tax and the Federal Reserve. Individual Liberty was back in vogue and became relevant following the standoff at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. A large number of citizens were now questioning the actions by the Federal government. The stand-off at Waco only added to this. Bill Clinton was seen by many to be a Manchurian Candidate, having spent time in the Soviet Union and being a deceiver in principle. Two things stopped an outright rebellion from taking place. Newt Gingrich and his Contract For America and the horror of the Oklahoma City bombing. Cooler heads prevailed and the idea of open rebellion subsided as folks realized that they had no stomach for it.

What is driving this current wave, however, is its defensive nature. People are not arming themselves and stockpiling food and ammo to start a revolution. They are doing so as a precaution that The System is on the verge of a collapse. They are doing so to protect themselves from potential threats, foreign and domestic. We do not have a personality like a Bo Gritz running around talking about marching on Washington. Instead, we have Donald Trump to send to Washington to clean out the nest of rats. Trump knows all about rats and how to eliminate them. I will enjoy watching it happen.

But, we have to face the potential that things are already too far gone. That even Donald J. Trump cannot solve all of our problems in one, two, or even five terms in the White House. Those who control ′The System′ have a plan which already includes a major culling to reduce world population. Trump may force them to accelerate their time table.

In many respects, we are already in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. A large portion of our population is brain-dead, either in their focus on sports or celebrity. Half the population is living off of the other half. That ratio will only get worse unless Trump can ′Make America Great Again′ and help create 25-30 million new jobs in short order. So far, the Zombies have been relatively docile, but that could change very quickly. We have already been seeing over the past 2-3 years how the Zombies are being organized and manipulated by groups like BlackLivesMatter. I′m sure that if the Welfare State is meddled with, even a group like the Trayvon Martin Foundation will echo the sentiments from Ferguson, Missouri and shout, ″Burn this B*tch Down!″

If that day ever happens, or any other of the many potential scenarios, like massive solar flare or bird flu, etc., we will see society breakdown very quickly. Within a matter of days, things could get out of control and become very ugly. Even the Wold Bank and the IMF has been warning that we face a financial crisis from an ′Insurance Bubble′. Do you really think that some piece of paper is going to protect you and make you whole again after a major disaster? Ask those who are still waiting compensation from Hurricane Sandy. The police are already being forced by the federal government under Barack Obama to avoid fighting crime. If and when a whirlwind whips your way, there is nothing and nobody to stand between you and great harm.

But the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks that you are a hater, even a racist, because you want to survive and live. How dare you even consider defending yourself when faced with brutal force pounding on your front door? You should just open the door and invite the barbarians, the looters, the rapists and murderers in. Give them a cup of coffee or a cold beer before they behead you. After all, Bill Gates thinks there are several billion people alive who shouldn′t be. You must be slaughtered to save the Earth! Its your civic duty to die quietly. Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton will train unemployed coal miners to work in the new Soylent Green factories. So forget about buying guns, knives, or even heirloom seeds. You won′t need them where Heartless Hillary will send you.