The big pow-wow between so-called ′Conservatives′ with Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook execs was held this past Wednesday. The first indication of what all went down came from Dana PeRINO of Fox News, saying how wonderful it was. True, she had no understanding of algorithms, nor does she even understand Conservative politics! But Dana was happy along with her felt replica of Jasper, America′s ugliest dog. Then we heard from Glenn Beck who thinks Facebook is the greatest thing since Cheetos. He ought to know since Beck likes to cover his body in Cheeto dust, just as Aztec kings would cover themselves in gold dust. But then we have heard from our favorite gay Conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos, from Brietbart News and about the only one who attended the meeting who actually supports Donald Trump. Milo paints a different picture…

In a lengthy post on Breitbart, Milo slams the whole affair as the sham it was. Zuckerberg has ZERO interest in being fair. In short, Milo claims that Zuckerberg and the rest hardly had to lift a finger to defend themselves from any accusations of political bias. PeRINO, Beck and the rest were all too eager to bow and scrape before the ″boy king″ as Milo put it. Yiannopoulos points out that there is plenty of evidence that Facebook does indeed practice censorship to promote its causes.

Aside from supporting ″BlackLivesMatter′ and racial disharmony, Facebook is also all for unrestricted immigration and open borders. In Germany, Facebook censors any mention about the rapes being caused by Muslim refugees. The very term ″rapefugee″ is banned. Even after a mass wave of sexual assaults on the women of several European countries this past New Years holiday, such stories were squashed by Facebook. So if anyone posts anything about #AllLivesMatter or #rapefugee, be in store to be censored by Facebook. It will happen! Nothing has changed.

Unlike Glenn Beck or Dana PeRINO, Milo Yiannopoulos has actually been fighting back the forces of evil in the shape of gender identity and White privilege. Milo has journeyed into the belly of the beast, debating professors at colleges and universities on their ideology. While Beck and PeRINO salivate over alleged compassion and understanding, all they are really doing is waving a surrender flag to the Liberal-Progressive-Socialist mindset. These traitors of Western Civilization deserve nothing short of endless scorn by us. They are prepared to sacrifice reason and merit to Facebook just as they are willing to sacrifice America into the grubby hands of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Some of you might think that I am just saying this because both PeRINO and Beck oppose Donald J. Trump, and to a small degree, you are right. But, believe it or not, this goes beyond Trump, which, I have to admit, is a stretch, as Trump is all-encompassing. How anyone can even consider voting for Crooked Hillary over Trump is illogical. No real human being, concerned with self-preservation, would do such a thing. Voting for Crooked Hillary, or some third party fool, or just staying at home and doing nothing, is like deliberating grabbing an electrified fence or sticking a gun barrel inside your mouth. Trump is Life! Donald Trump is the future! Trump is hope and love, all rolled into one stream of consciousness.

I forward to living in Trump World. Its going to be a party! Not only will he ′Make America Great Again′, but we are also going to start winning again. Donald Trump promises us that we are going to win so much that we will beg him to stop winning at some point. We′ll become tired of winning, but Trump will push us forward, because he knows that in the real universe, you either win or die. You must grow or die. Winning is Life and Losing is Death. Trump wants us to live and to choose living. This will be the basic premise of Trump World. A new consciousness based on life being good and victory being the path to goodness.

Mark Zuckerberg, Glenn Beck, Dana PeRINO and the rest of the clods think losing is good. That we have to be fair and humble. F′THAT!!! The only people who win in their philosophy are the grave diggers. They′ll get plenty of work as Crooked Hillary Clinton, or some other shill like Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, continues us down a path of destruction. Barack Obama has done more to destroy Western Civilization than any other American president in history. Crooked Hillary will carry on in this, with Beck, PeRINO and Zuckerberg cheering from the sidelines as they cash their paychecks. As long as they are popular they could care less about the state of civilization. So convoluted is their thinking that they even believe they will be spared when the Muslims start beheading everyone. They′ll keep talking about how peaceful and compassionate the jihadists are right until the sword′s edge digs deep into their necks. But not Donald J. Trump! He′ll fight! And he′ll WIN! Why? Because Donald J. Trump IS a WINNER! Not a LOSER like Glenn Beck.