Debris has been spotted some 210 miles southeast of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean that is believed to have been from EgyptAir Flight MS804. The passenger jet, an Airbus 320, left the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France at about 9:30pm local time. On board were 56 passengers, 7 crew and 3 air marshals. At around 2:30am Cario-time, Flight 804 was crossing into Egyptian airspace and being handed off from Greek air controllers. The last radio traffic indicated that there were no problems. At an altitude of some 37,000 feet, the Airbus 320 suddenly dove some 22,000 feet and began to swerve and turn, then, disappeared from radar. Search efforts were launched immediately. As of this moment, some debris, at least two pieces of possible wreckage, have been located near the Greek island of Karapathos. Signals from an emergency radio beacon have also been detected.

Reports are that a ship′s captain operating in the area saw a ″flame in the sky″. The most likely cause for such an event is either a catastrophic structural or mechanical failure, or a terrorist attack. Many public officials and experts are leaning towards some type of bomb on board Flight 804, but it is far too early to say for certain. There is also the possibility that the airliner may have been shot down by a surface-to-air missile as ISIS and other terrorists groups have obtained such weapons in Libya and elsewhere. However, due to the altitude, such a missile would have to be quite large, requiring being launched by a ship. Given what we have learned in recent months after the Paris and Belgian terror attacks, it would seem more likely that a bomb was placed on board the plane by some ground crew member or passenger.

As we all know from such breaking news events, there is too little information available this early on to do much more than speculate. But, it is breaking news and all of the networks are running with the story. So you can forget about everything else today. The crash of EgyptAit Flight MS804 into the Mediterranean Sea is about all you are going to hear about on the cable new networks.