Bernie Sanders and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton split last night′s Democratic Party primary election results. Clinton appears to have won the 2016 Kentucky primary by about 1,800 votes, though the Sanders campaign has yet to rule out requesting a recount. Meanwhile, Bernie won a decisive victory in the 2016 Oregon primary, blowing away Crooked Hillary by double-digit margins. Donald J. Trump also easily won the Oregon GOP primary, though Cruz and Kasich each got about 16%. This is largely due to Oregon being a open primary that relies completely on a mail-in ballot system. Many had voted before the other Republican Party candidates had suspended their campaigns. But the narrow split in the closed primary of Kentucky may spell bigger trouble as the Democratic Party is still reeling from the violence of the Nevada State Democratic Convention on Saturday.

An official statement issued by the Sanders campaign about the Nevada convention did condemn any violence, including personal threats made against the state′s party officials. But, there was a ′but′ included in the statement, also condemning the methods of the DNC used to rig the 2016 primaries. With just three weeks left in the primary season, there is no sign of Bernie Sanders lightening up his attacks on the coronation of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is even starting to use some of Trump′s lines, calling Crooked Hillary ″low energy″ and low stamina. I′m waiting for Bernie to use ″Crooked Hillary″ when attacking her on her Wall Street connections.

Video and audio from the Nevada State Democratic Convention have gone very viral, showing just how divided the Democratic Party has become. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on the offense along with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on the Nevada riot. But their calls for party unity may be falling on deaf ears. Even Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ has now called for Schultz to resign her post, citing the unfair treatment of Sanders by the DNC. Even the subject of how the Iowa Caucus was rigged for Crooked Hillary to win was mentioned this morning on the popular Liberal-leaning show.

There is little doubt that Bernie Sanders has been screwed since Day One by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Sanders is not only vowing to keep fighting through the June 7 primaries, but also straight through to the national convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. Despite Crooked Hillary having a large lead in pledged delegates over The Bern, securing the nomination still requires her to rely heavily on the commitments of the party′s many ′super-delegates′. Bernie is hoping to win big in these final primaries and make a case for changing the minds of the super-delegates. He may also be quietly hoping that the FBI settle the matter for him by recommending to the Justice Department to indict Clinton on the email scandal.

So, while there is a growing rift within the DNC following the latest Democratic primary election results, the Republican Party is coalescing around the GOP presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump. As the bad blood between Bernie Sanders and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton intensifies, the latest polls show Donald Trump gaining the support of the GOP voters. Only around 13-15% still say they will not support him, a far cry from the old days a few months ago when nearly two-thirds of Republicans opposed him. The number of Sanders voters who say they will not vote for Crooked Hillary has more than doubled over the same time period, to around 25%. Given that Democrats only have about a 10% advantage in the general population over Republicans, and that Trump is scoring much better with Independents than Clinton is, she has serious problems for November.