Oh, that Ben Carson was a naughty guy this weekend, spilling the beans about whom might be on Donald Trump′s short list of potential vice president options. Carson mentioned Sarah Palin, along with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich′s name has also popped up, as well as others like Tom Ridge. As much as I like Palin, and even Newt, I kind of doubt that they have much of a chance at being Trump′s Veep. So, too, for Ted Cruz. Cruz had a chance maybe two months ago to be on Trump′s VP list, or even on a list of potential Supreme Court appointees by Trump. But I suspect that that train had left the station long ago. So who do you think will be Donald Trump′s vice presidential pick?

While there has not been much talk about Sarah Palin running with Trump, there has been some chatter about Newt Gingrich. Some of the on-line betting sites have him in first place at 25%. Newt′s name is also popping up as a potential White House Chief of Staff, too. I′m not so sure of either position. Newt does have the credentials to be VP. But he is not well liked by the Inside-the-Beltway crowd. If you think that the Georgetown Cocktail Circuit is sour on Trump now, just wait till they have to deal with the Newt! They think that Donald Trump is not within ″acceptable, normal parameters″ of a presidential candidate. With Gingrich on the ticket, you can double that sentiment.

I doubt if Newt would even be Chief of Staff, even though, again, he is highly qualified. That job typically is held by a life-long friend and advisor to the President. While Trump and Gingrich may know each other for many years, I don′t see Newt as being part of Trump′s inner circle. Of course, Donald Trump is a totally new breed of presidential candidate. His close-knit, circle of advisors whom have served him well in business is too small for the coming job inside the White House. A lot of new faces must be added.

In that respect, Newt Gingrich, Tom Ridge and others do make sense for being part of a Trump administration. Usually, VP candidate must not only be qualified in the event of an emergency to take over, but also help bring at least one state along for the Electoral College. A guy like Tom Ridge might be the right sort to guarantee Trump making Pennsylvania go Red this November. Or, likewise, Kaisch for Ohio or Christie for New Jersey. Not sure if Newt still has much influence in Georgia these days. Rubio might help some with Florida, but perhaps on a larger scale with Hispanic voters. The same is true with New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez, who might also help with Hispanic and women voters.

The person whom I would like to see as Donald Trump′s vice presidential pick is former Congressman and retired Army Lt. Colonel, Allen West. He′s a rebel when it comes to Washington politics, no fan of the GOP Establishment nor the Cuckservatives, and West has the military chops. He understands the threat of radical Islam to the world. Allen West could easily step in as president in an emergency and keep America safe from its enemies, foreign and domestic. He′s also popular with the Tea Party and would serve well with the whole ′outsider′ thing.