Tension over fairness and delegates turned ugly as violence broke out at Saturday′s Democratic Party Convention in Nevada. The battle between Bernie Sanders supporters and those of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton erupted into at least one fistfight and police were forced to make several arrests. One person was seriously injured during the brawling and required medical attention. The event took place at the Paris Hotel and Casino. There was much discontent, including Sanders supporters booing Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Clinton flunky. Crooked Hillary won the Nevada Caucus back on February 20, getting 12 delegates to Sanders 10. But yesterday, the remaining 12 unpledged delegates were split, with Clinton getting 7 and The Bern receiving 5.

What started much of the conflict, however, came down to the procedures to qualifying delegates. Some 60 Sander′s supporters were disqualified to be eligible for becoming delegates. Only 8 of those for Crooked Hillary were disqualified. The Nevada Democratic Credentials Committee came under harsh attack for being very undemocratic. Thus, resulting into shouting, scuffles and actual physical violence.

As I recently wrote, while many in ′The Media′ focus many news stories about how Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party, the truth is that Crooked Hillary Clinton is doing exactly that to the Democratic Party. Her checkered past, her poor judgment, her vanity and even her lack of stamina are costing the DNC much. The need for Crooked Hillary to raise campaign money from her fat-cat, Wall Street and hedge fund donors is consuming much of her time. This coming week, for example, Bill Clinton will be carrying his wife′s campaign while she has only a handful of events planned.

Even in Hollywood, which was once ′Clinton Country′ in the past, money has been harder to raise. Even long-time ally George Clooney had to admit that the need for large donors was corrupting the Clinton campaign and was generally distasteful. Susan Sarandon, a die-hard Liberal, has also been critical of Crooked Hillary, siding, for the time being, with Bernie Sanders. Sarandon has even hinted that she may vote for Donald Trump rather than for Clinton.

So the Democratic Party is not so unified nor is it so lovey-dovey as it faces the prospects of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton being their 2016 presidential nominee. The near riot at Saturday′s Nevada Democratic Convention shows that the Bernie Sanders supporters do not intend to quietly retreat into the night. There is indeed a very deep divide splitting the Democratic Party in two, much deeper than any problems within the GOP. Aside from a few half-witted, Cuckservative pundits, like William Kristol, and spineless has-beens like Mitt Romney, the rest of the Republican party is coalescing around Donald J. Trump. Paul Ryan better stop playing with his cheese-log and jump aboard the Trump Train before it leaves the station.