In the State of Washington, your tax dollars are busy funding more outlandish Liberalism in education. Some students at the Seattle University′s Matteo Ricci College are mad at the school′s dean, Jodi Kelly. The group, known as the MRC Coalition, have occupied Dean Kelly′s offices and are demanding her resignation. Their main gripe is that they want more ″professors of color and queer professors″, according to one leader of the MRC, Fazi Mohammed. She is a 22-year old humanities student who, along with the other protestors, believes that the school’s curriculum is too White, Western or European.

The trouble started last Tuesday after Dean Kelly responded to demands that there would be a review of the college′s programs and that a report would be ready by December. Well, that simply is not good enough for the darlings of the MRC Coalition. They want change NOW! Staring with Kelly′s resignation.

What may be irony or part of the problem is that the school is named for Jesuit priest, Matteo Ricci. In the late 16th Century, the Italian Father Ricci led a mission at a Portuguese trading post in China. At Macau, Ricci was among the first Westerners to learn how to read Chinese. Along with another scholar, Michele Ruggieri, they composed the first Portuguese-Chinese dictionary around 1583 -1589. However, for some reason the work was lost and only rediscovered in 1934 in Rome.

Unlike Father Ricci, the student protestors do not feel safe in their classrooms. They feel they are being attacked by a Euro-centric curriculum, micro-aggressions, and centralized Whiteness. The protestors think that they are being threatened and oppressed by White Privilege, and want a learning space where they can feel safe about what they are being taught. Of course, they also want what is being taught to them changed as well. Instead of learning about how the real world, and universe, functions, they are seeking a Liberal Utopia. Any mention of how experiments in creating such Utopias have led to the deaths of over one-hundred million people and the enslavement of billions more is irrelevant.

They are still hung up about colonialism, even though that whole game started coming to an end after World War One. What do you expect? This is all part of the alliance between the anti-Western forces of Socialism and Islamic-fascism. The old, ′enemy of my enemy is my ally′ thing. I guess they didn′t see the ″Dick Tracy″ movie with Liberal heartthrobs, Warren Beatty and Madonna. The enemy of my enemy is still YOUR enemy! Of course, I have to wonder how safe Fiza Mohammed would feel if she attended college in the Islamic State? She may find that some of those ″queer professors″ she seeks might be tossed off of roofs or drowned in a cage. Talk about ′micro-aggressions!