Several states are reacting to the new Barack Obama transgender bathroom use rules issued by the White House on Friday. North Carolina and Mississippi, which have passed legislation on the matter, have been joined by Texas in rejecting the new mandate. The Obama decree requires public schools to allow for transgender bathroom use. One of the main problems with the rules deals with the definition of who is transgender? Under the White House guidelines, all one needs to do is declare themselves as ″feeling″ like one gender or the other. Some states and previous court cases require much more, including a state recognition of medical procedures, be it hormone therapy or actual surgery, to alter one′s gender physically.

Some argue that this is a solution is search of a problem. The incidents of any criminal behavior occurring as a result of a transgender using a bathroom of a gender other than that of their original biology is extremely rare. On the other hand, the potential for such rules to be abused by those who seek to violate the privacy of the opposite sex is very high. So is there a rational, middle ground, a compromise which the general public could accept?

Obviously, if somebody goes through a formal, medical procedure to alter their gender, that person should be allowed to use the bathroom of their chosen gender. A small minority may have issues with that, but our system of self-governance is based on majority rules. Those who are in the minority do have God-given, or Creator-given rights which cannot be infringed upon. These rights do include privacy, as well as self-defense.

Which, of course, brings me to the subject of protecting yourself from the actions, even the opinions, of others. I don′t care who you are, if you are going to use a public bathroom, you better be prepared to defend yourself. Doesn′t matter where the public bathroom is. Sad to say in this day and age, the is little security anywhere. Living in Detroit, Michigan, I avoid all public bathrooms. But if I do use one, I′m not worried, as I am always armed! I have good ′situational awareness′ and always carry at least one weapon, if not two or three. Hell, I usually have a pistol with me when I use the bathroom in my own home, along with one or two knives! But then, I′m always ready for Armageddon at a moments notice. My ′Go-Bag′ is packed and handy at all times.

Are your school-aged children ready to defend themselves? Have they been instructed in a martial art, perhaps trained in the use of a knife or in using any object, like a rolled up newspaper or magazine to subdue an aggressor? If not, they ought to be! We all know that the government cannot protect us at all times. Under Barack Obama, you can forget about being protected by the government anytime! He′s undermined our military, our border security, our national defense, our intelligence services, and is now working to make local police a bowl of wet, soggy, starchy, over-cooked noodles. These are the times we live in.

Are you glad that Texas is joining North Carolina and Mississippi in opposing the new Barack Obama transgender bathroom use directives? Or have you swallowed the ′rainbow pill′ and see only unicorns through your rose-tinted glasses? There is no real issue with transgenders using public restrooms. As long as they mind their own business, who cares? But not Obama! He has to stink his stinky finger into everything. The new rules for public schools from the White House are ludicrous as it fails to define who or what is a transgender person? Obviously it cannot be as Obama wants, which is just based on a feeling. We live in a physical universe and there must be a physical standard in determining gender. Its worked for Nature since the Dawn of Life. You are either one or the other. We′re back at the fish versus steak argument. You gotta choose one, there is no third option. Once you choose, and you have a right to do so, then you need to fulfill your choice by physical, medically-sound means. It is as simple as that!