The Wall Streeet Journal reported this week that the Clinton Global Initiative handed out large sums of cash to many of Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton′s friends. Some may have been more friendly to Bill Clinton, according to the New York Post. They claim that $2 Million dollars from the Clinton charity went a company called Energy Pioneer Solutions, 29% of which is owned by Julie Tauber McMahon. She is allegedly the blonde divorcee described in the Ronald Kessler book, ″The First Family Detail″ as the ′Energizer′. Bill′s latest alleged girlfriend who visits Bill while Hillary is away and is on good terms with the Secret Service by bringing them treats like cookies. All rumors aside, if she were Bill′s newest ′squeeze′ she is certainly a step up from the usual trailer trash he′s been known to pursue.

Bill Clinton may also be in some trouble as he personally pushed for a federal grant for the company to the tune of some $812,000 from the Department of Energy. Julie lives just a few minutes away from Bill′s home in Chappaqua and is the daughter of long-time Democratic millionaire donor, Joel Tauber. Other Democrats are also involved in the company, such as DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias, Mark Weiner and Scott Kleeb, according to the NY Post. The Wall Street Journal reports that such activities by Bill Clinton and his allegedly ′non-profit′ organization are forbidden by federal law.

This follows an earlier report that whistle-blower Charles Ortel is alleging that hundreds of millions of dollars were misused by the various Clinton charity groups. Can you blame them? After all, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton said that she and her husband were flat broke when they left the White House. Shouldn′t we cut them some slack and permit them to break the law and have some fun? It is the Clintons we′re talking about. Its not like they haven′t broken laws before. What difference could it possibly make now that they have lied to federal agents while under oath? Or had people killed like the two college newspaper reporters found beheaded. The coroner in Arkansas, an old friend of Bill Clinton and his mommy, ruled their death was an accident caused by them passing out on some railroad tracks after smoking too much weed. The same coroner who also ruled the shotgun blast to the back of the head of one of Bill′s old security detail as a ″suicide″.

What do you expect? Crooked Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton are always up to some shenanigans. I′m sure the folks at CNN and MSNBC won′t talk much about how $2 Million dollars flowed from the Clinton Global Initiative to a company owned by a bunch of Democrats. Including one, Julie Tauber McMahon whom allegedly may be Bill′s latest girlfriend known as the ′Energizer′ by Bill′s Secret Service detail. Its not Julie′s fault that she is a tasty blonde divorcee who lives down the road from Bill Clinton, all alone in his house when Crooked Hillary is out trying to change the world.