If Frank Cappra were alive in 2016, we might call this ″Mr. Trump Goes To Washington″. But, unlike Jefferson Smith, Donald J. Trump is well aware of how corrupt life on Capitol Hill is. Trump held several meetings today, starting with the Reince Preibus at RNC headquarters, then a chat with Speaker Paul Ryan, followed by a meeting with House GOP leaders. After which, Donald Trump will meet with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and several other ranking senators of the Republican Party. A full day of politicking to say the least. Early indicators are that the meetings went well. What else did you expect? Trump is the master of ″The Art of the Deal″. As his book says, Trump has the advantage going in as he is dealing from a position of strength. Over 10 million votes from over 40 states strong!

Paul Ryan and other Republicans in Washington suffer from Beltway Blindness. They cannot see much past Dupont Circle, and almost nothing past the I-495. Certainly not much past K-Street and its rows of lobbyists. Ryan and other GOP leaders have expressed reservations about some of the things Trump has said over the course of the primary season. After the rapid collapse of the Cruz and Kasich campaigns last week, Ryan told CNN that he was not quite ready to endorse Donald Trump.

Today′s meetings had been scheduled to occur, though a date had not been specified. So when Trump became the last candidate standing and is now very close to wrapping up the necessary delegates to be the GOP nominee, a date was chosen. Ryan and others have many questions about Trump′s principles and policy positions. They do not agree with some items on the Trump agenda, such as a temporary ban on some Muslims from being allowed to immigrate here, as well as how our borders are managed and secured in general.

Paul Ryan told reporters after the meeting that the conversation was ″cordial″ and that he was ″encouraged″ by what he heard from Trump. No specifics were given, as the talks were done in private. But Ryan must realize that he has little choice in the matter. As Barack Obama put it during his White House Correspondents Dinner speech, there are only two options on the menu, fish or steak. If there is a third option, it is to starve!

As we saw over and over again with exit polling data, Republican primary voters feel betrayed by GOP leaders in Washington. In most states, it was more 80%, if not over 90%! Even in Ryan′s home state of Wisconsin, it was around 60%. Any notion that the GOP can redo the whole primary, or wage some sort of floor fight at the convention in Cleveland, is just ludicrous. Already, some of the anti-Trump people are jumping ship, either getting aboard the Trump Train, or siding with Crooked Hillary Clinton. There will not be a surprise candidate nor even a third party one. The deadline for Texas ballot passed already, so Ted Cruz can forget about going rogue.

Donald Trump is being a nice guy. While he did throw some criticism Ryan′s way during campaign rallies, Trump hasn′t pinned him with a nickname, yet. Once Trump does that, then its all over! That is when war begins and you will be crushed. So Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP can now surrender and bend to the will of Donald Trump. As well they should to their conqueror. The Republican Party will now fully unify behind Trump.

Last night, Trump offered a branch of peace, announcing that he will have America′s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, head a commission to deal with the subject of immigration. In particular, what to do about preventing radical, Islamic jihadists from crossing our borders. Everybody likes Rudy, so this was an olive branch to critics. To placate the so-called ′principled Conservatives′, Trump promises to release a list of about 10-20 names of people he would consider to be Supreme Court justices and added that all appointees would be Pro-Life. Happy now?

I hope so! You bellyaching misfits have to submit to Trump. Oddly enough, a new Pew Research poll shows that Trump voters are actually MORE Conservative than your average Republican! So what exactly are the misfits bellyaching about? That Trump doesn′t mention the Constitu-u-u-u-u-tion in every sentence? Gimme a break! The Founding Fathers were dopes! The Articles of Confederation were just fine! At least then, we had actual State′s Rights, not just a couple vague amendments. The dumbest thing the Founding Fathers did was to give Congress the power to tax! They gave us a strong, central government, and guess what? That′s what we have! HELLOOOO? DUH???

Count me in on being the first to complain when Obama tries to exceed the vast authority he already has. The ignorance of so many pundits on TV, radio and on book shelves is just remarkable. You Federalists are a bunch of scoundrels! The main reason the Founding Dopes wrote the Constitu-u-u-u-tion was because people rebelled against the banksters and their predatory lending practices. It always comes down to banks and money, doesn′t it? Don′t think Donald Trump doesn′t realize that, too!

In the past week, Trump is sending us signals. High on his ′To-Do′ list for the first 100 days is to launch an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. Seeing as how they have never been audited once in the past 100 years or so, might be a good time for it! After all, how can you plan a path forward if you don′t really know where you are now? ′THEY′ say we′re $19 Trillion dollars in debt, but I′m guessing its much, much more than that! Which leads me to another signal flashed by Donald Trump in the past week.

Trump is keeping defaulting on the table! Why not? He knows the joys of bankruptcy, how it cleans your ledgers and your soul. ′F′ the banks! I′m guessing here, but I suspect that Donald Trump may understand the problems caused by having a debt-based monetary system. Now that would be a real Zeitgeist! This is why I′m so excited about a Trump presidency. Not since Andrew Jackson have we had a president who understood how crooked our financial system is, due largely to how currency is created.

Would such a move disrupt the world′s economy? No doubt about it, it certainly would! But, if done properly, switching back to either a commodity-based, or, even more radical, a credit-based monetary system, well, bring on the Age of Abundance! Forget about the ′Square Deal′ and the ′New Deal′, we would have ′THE Deal′! As I have been saying for some 25 years now, if you were to tie a credit-based currency with the birthrate, human life, the most precious commodity of all, we could both end poverty and eliminate personal taxation forever. I′m talking ′Conquest of the Stars′!

One of the issues where Donald Trump and Paul Ryan disagree on is Social Security and MediCare/MedicAid. Ryan wants to scale back entitlements to keep them viable, to a lesser degree, while Trump does not want them reduced at all. He′s not alone it that. One thing we often see with the Tea Party Movement is honoring Social Security and MediCare. While some view this as an ideological mine field, the truth is that the American people want a safety net. Why not? We′re the Good Guys! Americans always are ready to help others out, even our own folks who are having a rough time. The problem is, we′re doing a bad job of it, starting with how we fund the entitlement programs.

If Paul Ryan has his way, he′ll gradually increase the retirement age and lessen the amounts given in the future. But while this might make sense due to using a debt-based monetary system, it just reinforces corruption. I don′t know how Donald Trump would handle the problem, because it is a problem and guarantees an economic collapse at some point down the road. But here is my ′Nickel-Tour′ of how to bring about ′The Great Awakening′ and one day build those fleets of starships to populate the galaxy.

Life-Based Economics ties our monetary system with human birth. Instantly, abortion not only becomes undesirable, but down-right un-American! Every baby born allows the US Treasury to ′print′ $1 Million dollars! Why? Because its a Credit-Based currency system. Philosophically speaking, we assume that all human life is essentially good and a credit to future societies. What a pleasant, happy-slappy thought! The Treasury takes $250,000 of that new money and awards it in trust to the new born in a low-interest, say 3%, account. As the child matures, he or she will have access to it, for using to get school, housing, car or even business loans. The older the citizen is, the larger the percentage he or she can access. But you cannot actually withdraw any until you retire, or require it for some medical emergency.

Another $250,000 goes into a general pool of cash available for the federal government to spend. No more income tax! No more payroll tax! The rest, $500,000, goes into a pool of cash which the Treasury will lend to private banks at 4% per year. Actually, the Treasury will also be lending out the citizen-child′s trust money, too, which is how they′ll get 3% interest on their retirement money. We do the same for legal immigrants, as well, creating $1 Million in cash once the immigrant becomes a legal citizen. The government will always have enough cash to function. During periods where the birthrate is low, you allow for more immigration. When the birthrate is high, you lower the immigration rate. Unlike other commodities, you cannot corner the market on babies. George Soros, the Hunt Brothers, JP Morgan and other infamous financial manipulators would be powerless.

Again, I do not know how Donald Trump plans to fix Social Security, other than to try to spur an economic boom by reducing tax rates and regulations. But if his meeting today with Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders went half as well as reported, we will see the Republican Party unify shortly. That, in itself, is a positive step forward in defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton. Beyond that, all I can say is ′Trust Trump′, you have no choice!