Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia primary by decisive numbers yesterday as he continues to challenge ′Crooked′ Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sanders is still far behind Crooked Hillary in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential race to be the nominee. By current numbers, he would need to win some 66% of remaining ′pledged′ delegates, then sway hundreds of super-delegates already committed to Hilldog. Despite his big win last night, The Bern and Hillary are basically splitting the delegates 50-50. Talk about a rigged system!

Since last summer, The Media has focused much attention on the phony story about how Donald J. Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Even now, that Trump is the 2016 GOP presumptive presidential nominee, the press is still prattling on about it. But what may be the real story of this presidential election cycle is how Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton is destroying the Democratic Party, all in her vain attempt to achieve some false sense of destiny. Can the DNC survive her vanity?

Crooked Hillary is facing many problems. Just in the past week or so, a lot has been happening. We have the FBI questioning her staff members from Hillary′s days as Secretary of State over the email scandal. This morning comes the story about how her former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, walked out during her questioning, refusing to answer the FBI′s questions. We also learned from the ongoing lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch that the State Department cannot find all but one email composed by Hillary′s IT expert who had set up her private server. The only email they found from Bryan Pagliano was a ′Happy Birthday′ greeting to Hillary. Pagliano has been granted immunity by the Department of Justice as he cooperates with the FBI investigation.

Then we have more allegations from Clinton Foundation whistle-blower, Charles Ortel. He is claiming that a great deal of money donated to the Clinton charity organization is missing and some of it was used for purposes other than intended. Basically, Ortel alleges that the Clinton Foundation is a charity scam. The FBI is also investigating the Clinton family on this on potential ′pay-for-play′ schemes.

Beyond that, we always have Benghazi, Libya in general, Syria, the great Russian restart button, Iran, and a host of other foreign policy debacles which Crooked Hillary oversaw when she was Secretary of State. Back in her days as a US Senator from New York State, Clinton did vote for the invasion of Iraq, which many Lefties, like Susan Sarandon, refuse to forgive her for. Sarandon, who is backing Bernie, has even stated publicly that she′s less worried about Donald Trump building a wall than Hillary starting another war.

Speaking of Trump, he has made it very clear that he′ll go deep into the past Clinton scandals of the 1990s. He has already attacked Bill Clinton on signing NAFTA into law, as well as for Bill′s sexual behavior. Trump has blasted Crooked Hillary as a ″nasty, mean enabler″, accusing her of attacking the women who were Bill′s victims. Trump′s tactics seem to be working as some new polls out this week show the November general election race is very close. Nationwide, Crooked Hillary has only a slight lead over Donald Trump and in some key battleground states, its neck-and-neck with Trump leading in Ohio.

As bad as many polls show Trump′s favorable ratings, Crooked Hillary′s are not much better. Her numbers are very soft with several key voting groups, including suburban, married women. There may be many other groups as well that are cool to Clinton. While some unions have endorsed her, there is much talk in the rank-and-file of workers favoring Trump, as they see him better for jobs. They also prefer Trump′s position on trade imbalances. The latest NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows Trump with 28% of Hispanic voters! That′s not bad considering all he has said and that its still early May. There is far more chance of Trump improving his favorables than Crooked Hillary doing so.

Voter turn out in the primaries has been very lopsided. GOP primaries have seen a 60% increase over 2008 and 2012 while the DNC has seen a drop of 30%. There is simply no enthusiasm for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Media pundits blab all day on the cable news channels about how Donald Trump may harm the ′down ballot′ elections for Republicans. In my opinion, the opposite is true. Trump brings the GOP a much needed injection of moxie and pizzazz! Chris Matthews, of all people, put it best the other day on his MSNBC show, saying that Trump is like a guy who ″will fight anyone in the house for a dollar.″ That is so true! Unlike John McCain and Mitt Romney, Donald Trump is a brawler.

Crooked Hillary Clinton may have been scrappy back in the 1990s, but she has lost her stamina. When Barack Obama beat her at her own game in 2008, that was the end of her political career. Not that she ever had much of one to start with. She is simply not a good campaigner. Crooked Hillary started her 2016 race making the same mistakes she made in 2008. She avoided the press, did few interviews and relied heavily on staged events. Bill Clinton was the politician of their family. He was the happy-go-lucky guy who was fun to be around. You just know wherever Bill Clinton was in the 1990s, there was a party happening! You were certain to get stoned and or laid!

About the only thing you might get from Crooked Hillary is her nasty cough. She′s no fun at all. Even her well focus-group tested policies are dull and boring. While Bernie Sanders draws thousands to his rallies, Crooked Hillary can barely draw a couple hundred. Worse yet, her husband Bill is looking bad. I think old, Mr. Syphilis has caught up with him, giving Bill a taste of dementia. He′s just not the campaigner he once was.

So do you agree with me, that Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton is a drag on the Democratic Party? That her Wall Street, Establishment connections are flying in the face of the New Left which is pushing for even more Socialism? I have been saying all along since last summer that Donald J. Trump will blow Crooked Hillary away and clean her clock in the November general election. She′ll be lucky to win 200 electoral college votes, let alone the 270 needed to win the White House. Crooked Hillary Clinton is running only for one reason, her own selfish vanity. She cares nothing for our country, whereas Donald J. Trump is on a mission to Make America Great Again! When will she and her pals in The Media realize that you Can′t Stump the Trump?