The New York Times has published a story on how Ben Rhodes helped the Barack Obama White House lie to the public about the Iran nuclear deal. As you may recall, Ben Rhodes was also the source of the Benghazi attack lie about how an anti-Muslim video on You-Tube caused the attack on our consulate in Libya which led to the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. So, once again, the Obama administration finds itself on the wrong side of the truth, this time over why the Iran nuke deal had to be completed. The rush to sign the deal due to timing and Iran allegedly having a moderate government was all a pack of lies!

What did we expect? No surprise to me, pretty much everything that comes out of the Obama White House is a lie. That the New York Times is actually reporting on it is more of a surprise! I guess you can only tickle the dragon so far and so long before it wakes up and eats you.

The funny part, if there is anything humorous about this, is that just last week, Obama criticized The Media on their coverage of the presidential campaign, admonishing The Press on not vetting the candidates enough. Would I be a racist if I said, ″Now that′s the pot calling the kettle black!″? Obama was hardly vetted at all by The Media when he ran for office. Forget about his birth certificate, we still have not seen any of his school records aside from the enrollment document from his days in Indonesia. You know, the one that has his nationality as being Indonesian and his religion as being Muslim. Yeah, that one!

So now we have confirmation that Obama and his gang, and they are a ′gang′, lied to the American people, along with the state of Israel, about the Iranian nuclear treaty. The NY Times article reminds us that in April of 2015, Ben Rhodes stated in public that the treaty would allow for immediate access and inspection of Iranian nuclear facilities by UN inspectors. That certainly was not the case. The terms of the actual deal require notice be given and in some cases, a period of up to 27 days before inspectors can have access. We also know now that at some of the facilities, UN inspectors will be denied access altogether! That we will have to trust the Iranians to inspect themselves. Yeah, right!

Do I sound cynical? You betcha! What else can I be when it comes to the Barack Obama administration. Even the New York Times is on our side this time, publishing a story about how White House joker Ben Rhodes has lied to the American citizens about the Iran nuclear deal. The same Ben Rhodes who started the lie about the video being responsible for the Benghazi terror attack. Why is this guy still on the payroll? Why are the American taxpayers providing sustenance to this liar? When will the New York Times get around to vetting Barack Obama, like checking his school records? As Albert Einstein once said, answers are easy, it′s asking the right questions which is the hard part.