Many so-called ′Conservatives′ like George Will, William Kristol and Mark Levin question whether or not the GOP presumptive presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, is a Conservative? But, as we know, Will, Kristol, Levin and most of Trump′s critics are ′Cuckservatives′, only really interested in preserving their grip on power and a funding. So they lie about Trump being a Liberal. Or they throw out other terms like Nationalist or Populist to describe Trump and try to make him distasteful for Republican voters and donors. But one person does not agree with them. In fact, she, Betsy McCaughey, thinks that not only are Donald Trump′s plans and policies Conservative enough for her, but that they will be great for America! So who is Betsy McCaughey, you ask?

If you have watched the Fox News Channel over the years, and saw stories about federal grants for putting shrimp on treadmills, thank Betsy! Betsy McCaughey is a long-time Republican and Conservative, even holding elected office at one time serving as Lt. Governor in New York. A history major at Vassar, she graduated with distinction winning seevral fellowships and got her PhD at Columbia in Constitutional history. Take that, Mark Levin!

She worked for a time at Chase Manhattan Bank and did papers for various think tanks, including writing several books. In the early 1990s, Betsy wrote the definitive criticism on Crooked Hillary Clinton′s healthcare scheme. McCaughey′s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal became the must-read piece as she dissected HillaryCare warning that if it passed, about 77% of American citizens would suffer a downgrade in their coverage, and would not be able to keep their doctors. Hmm, sounds familiar, eh? Even the likes of George Will and Bill Kristol quoted from McCaughey′s pamphlet on HillaryCare, entitled, ″No Exit″.

When George Pataki ran for governor, he needed somebody with Conservative credentials on his ticket, so he picked Betsy McCaughey as she had become a rising star in the Conservative Movement. However, Pataki, being a wet-noodle, shoved Betsy into a virtual closet after the election and choose not to have her on his ticket during his second term. In protest, she switched to the Democratic Party and tried to oppose Pataki in the governor′s race, but was defeated in the primary. She wound up running as a third party candidate and got few votes.

After a stint working for several medical companies and healthcare think tanks, Betsy McCaughey became a player again in Conservative politics after Barack Obama was elected in 2008. She read the Obama stimulus bill and wrote op-eds criticizing it. Even FactCheck was forced to agree with some of her assessments. Needless to say, Betsy actually read the entire 2,000-plus pages of ObamaCare, and did not like it at all. One could say that Betsy is the one who raised the issue of death panels, known as Advanced Care Planning Consultation, which would force health care providers to discuss euthanasia and end of life topics with patients. Beyond that, Betsy McCaughey has been fighting nearly every aspect of the Affordable Care Act, pointing out each flaw and violation of the Constitution.

So what does Betsy McCaughey have to say about Donald J. Trump? On May 4, 2016, her op-ed in the New York Post praised Trump for his tax plan. She says that Trump does know how to fix the economy, along with improving the Veterans Affairs administration and in dealing with replacing ObamaCare. In Betsy′s well-informed opinion, Donald Trump ″would actually help unemployed Americans get back to work.″ In short, as the title of her op-ed declares, ″Donald Trump′s policy plans are real, detailed – and great.″

Betsy agrees that Trump′s plan to slash corporate tax rates to15% and a one-time, 10% corporate inversion tax could bring in some $2.5 Trillion dollars quickly. The upshot would be a huge benefit to small businesses, as well as large corporations, with much reinvestment, creating more jobs. Speaking of jobs, Trump′s plan for helping unemployed Black youth is to convert the J-1 visa program for foreign workers to be employed at restaurants, resorts, etc, into a job bank for urban youth. There′s a novel approach! American jobs for Americans, making American great again! Trump, what a guy!

So who are you going to believe? George Will, William Kristol, Mark Levin and other dopes who merely quote Betsy McCaughey? Or Betsy McCaughey herself? A women who has made a career of reading budgets and legislation, running the numbers and assessing the impact of such. I hope somebody in Trump Towers is paying attention because she may be a good candidate to be Donald′s running mate! I know that usually the idea is to pick somebody from a different state. But Donald J. Trump is anything but usual. He′s all about results and meritocracy. Trump could do a lot worse than having Betsy McCaughey as Vice President. She has plenty of Conservative credentials and believes in what Trump is proposing. A fully engaged ally! Betsy knows ′The Game′ of politics and is a terrific communicator. Even if she′s not his Veep, Trump needs to have Betsy McCaughey on his team!