A tearful, serious Alex Jones warned America and the world of the coming evil during his broadcast of InfoWars this week. Listing evils such as the murder of human infants and the sale of their body parts and the deliberate poisoning of citizens, Jones launched an attack on Glenn Beck. Jones cited how Beck is deceiving his listeners with his antics. Alex doesn′t stop with calling Beck ″evil″ and a ″prancing demon″, but he also went after Ted Cruz, George Will and others. While Jones acknowledges that Donald Trump may not be perfect, he is tired of the lies and hysteria created by people like Beck, Will and others in The Media and the ′Never Trump′ gang. I′m surprised Jones didn′t name Mark Levin, too!

Now, I was planning on mentioning Beck today in what was intended to be an article entitled, ″Ted Cruz Autopsy – A Study of Hypergamy″. But me being me, I can certainly roll this all up into one, nice, smokable spliv. Glenn Beck apparently talked on his radio show about what happened in the final hours of the Ted Cruz campaign. It seems that Lyin′ Ted did indeed have a meltdown after his encounter with the Trump supporters in Indiana. He came to the conclusion that there was simply no way he would ever win the Trump People over. No kidding! This from a guy who tried to get dildos banned in Texas because the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution does not guarantee citizens any rights to masturbate. How could anyone think for one minute that Ted Cruz could ever get elected as President of the United States of America with that sort of mindset? I just hope the folks in Texas wake up and end whatever political career Cruz may think he still has.

Then I was going to raise the article by Amanda Carpenter, a.k.a. ′Hobich′, where she came down hard on ′Daddy′ Ted Cruz for not having the public speaking skills needed to run for national office. Here again, she cites the encounter with the Trump People. Those two guys are now infamous in American political history. I think Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post said that if they are not on the Howard Stern Show by the end of this week, there is simply terribly wrong with America. That may not be an exact quote, but its pretty darn close.

Still, why has Amanda Carpenter gone so negative about her former employer and political hero, Lyin′ Ted Cruz? Ah, here is where we come to the subject of Hypergamy! The power of sexual politics at its best! Which brings me to the often mentioned topic of how Donald J. Trump, the GOP presumptive nominee, will not do very well with women in the general election. This is nonsense! Trump did quite well with women voters in the primaries. Not only did he win with registered Republican women, but also with Independents and Democratic women in those states which held open primaries.

Why did Trump do so well and Cruz, and the others, so poorly? Hypergamy! Whats that word? Hypergamy! I feel like the barker in ″The Simpsons″ monorail episode. Hypergamy explains all. Hypergamy is about what drives sexual selection. Men tend to select younger, attractive women, and when men contemplate marriage, they add birthing capabilities to the list. Women tend to select older, rich, powerful men. Physical attraction is also high on their list, but also the man′s ability to be a provider and protector.

Low-Energy Jeb Bush just didn′t make the mark. Look at who he wound up marrying. Good grief! I know, I′m being petty and nasty here, but the bitter tea of truth is what it is and sometimes it is distasteful. Even Jeb′s own mother is rumored to have been against that marriage. Who can blame her? You go down the list of the other 15 candidates whom Donald Trump defeated and you get similar results. Even with Carly Fiorina, who is going to want her around? I′d have to be pretty drunk and the hour mighty late before offering her a ride.

Ted Cruz is even worse when it comes to Hypergamy. This guy has his head shoved so far up his wahzoo with his fixations on the Constitution, which frankly, I believe is just an act, no decent woman is going to find him attractive. Given her past mental issues, I suspect that Heidi is damaged goods and most likely an insecure ′Clinger′. This is not uncommon with even women who are attractive. Why do you think Jennifer Aniston has had so much trouble landing a husband? She′s a Clinger!

When it comes to Donald J. Trump, he scores 10 out of 10 as prime material for Hypergamy. Trump is the whole package! Money, power, good looks, and he′s a fun guy! A load of laughs! Women like to be entertained and Trump can do that and more. Why do you think he draws the largest primary crowds in American political history? He′s TRUMP! He′s telling jokes. He′s engaging with the audience. His rallies are one, big love fest. If you have noticed of late, Trump has been talking about love more often. Crooked Hillary Clinton is trying to play the ′Love Card′, but Donald Trump owns the copyright.

So, if science means anything in this universe, Donald Trump will wind up winning a huge percentage of women voters in the general election this November, thanks to Hypergamy. There may be a short line of women who desire Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin or even George Will. But they fall in the same category of damaged goods as women who seek relationships with convicted felons while serving sentences in prison. Think I′m wrong? Well, let us not forget that many exit polls showed Crooked Hillary Clinton doing rather poorly with both young women in general and also with older Independent women voters. Which mode of transportation would they prefer? Crooked Hillary′s ′Scubby Van″ or Donald Trump′s personal jetliner, Trump Force One? Hypergamy!

For a couple of years, Glenn Beck was able to ride the wave of the Anti-Obama Movement. But after Mitt Romney ′choked like a dog′ in 2012, that was the end. Beck and the rest crested out. I know, I was riding that wave, too! 2013 was a tough year, and 2014 started out pretty bad, too, for me personally. But time and space are fluid, the wheels turn and the seasons change. A glimmer of hope emerged by the end of 2014 and on June 16, 2015, that glimmer became a roaring bonfire of optimism. When Donald Trump came down that escalator, the heavens opened up! Thor had arrived! Hail Odin!

I like how Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough joke around about the GE commercial with the NerdBoy who can′t ″lift the hammer″ but he′s still going to ″change the world″ with his machine code. Donald Trump CAN lift that hammer! He has big, strong hands! Trump will change the world for he is Thor, God of Thunder with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. That escalator at Trump Towers may have well have been Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. Trump has come to save us all from the evils that are surrounding us mere mortals, especially to save the women, who will vote for Donald Trump in vast numbers. Hypergamy run amok!

If by some act, should Alex Jones read this, I hope he takes heart that he is on the right side of history. He will do well in opposing Glenn Beck, George Will, Mark Levin and the rest of the Never trump gang. They are a gang, too! They want to steal the power of the vote away from all citizens. There is still plenty of talk about stealing the RNC convention. William Kristol and Mitt Romney are busy scheming away. Paul Ryan may be on the fence but Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is showing that he has no regard for the vote by us common folks. We still have the Cruz Cultists out there as well, waiting for their Devil to arise again, if ever. But in the long run, I am optimistic because we have Nature on our side. It does not get any more basic than the sexual selection method of Hypergamy. Crooked Hillary Clinton cannot fight that no matter what cards she plays. Trump will trump her!