Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has joined the fresh batch of GOP officials to endorse Donald J. Trump as the Republican presumptive nominee. Perry even went as far as to say that he was ″open″ to being Trump′s vice presidential running mate if asked. As the late-great Ed Wally would say, ″WOW!!!″ Even Arizona Senator John McCain declared that he will support Trump, despite some previous bad blood. Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, who just endorsed Lyin′ Ted Cruz one week ago, has now endorsed Trump! Meanwhile, the ′Never Trump′ dopes got a wink from Speaker Paul Ryan who told CNN yesterday that he was ″not ready″ to support The Donald. Trump responded that he was ″not ready″ to support Ryan′s agenda, either. The battle lines are still dug deep as many blame Trump for splitting the GOP. But did he really? Or was it already split?

Now, considering that there were some 17 candidates running for president, is it more likely that the Republican Party was already rather fractured? HELLOOOOO? Yes, my fellow pundits and political junkies! The GOP is always fractured! That is part of its charm. This is what happens when you have a Big Tent, or a three-legged stool. But, eventually, most of the factions coalesce around a single presidential candidate. We already started to see this in the last few weeks of the primary season. Contrary to anti-Trump pundits and the ′Never Trump′ dopes, Donald Trump was winning states with larger and larger margins and percentages. The idea that he had some sort of ceiling was false. Polls for next week′s primary in West Virginia showed Trump ahead by 47 points! In the last two weeks, Cruz only broke 20% twice in two out of seven contests and Kasich was headed for single digits.

As far as Republican voters are concerned, Donald Trump has proven himself and is unifying them. His message of forgetting about ideology and focusing on doing what is best for America is resonating. A new foreign policy poll this week shows a solid 70% of all voters want our politicians to put America FIRST! People who don′t think Trump can beat Crooked Hillary Clinton in a landslide had better memorize that number. The same poll shows 42% think we are doing too much in helping other countries. They want our leaders to focus on domestic issues and to take care of us first before helping others. Along with other polls showing about two-thirds of primary voters in both parties believing that our global trade deals have cost us jobs, the landscape is ripe for the picking by Donald Trump.

Democrats who think that Trump will be easy to defeat are in for a rude awakening. Sixteen Republican candidates, acclaimed to have been the best field of candidates ever, found out the hard way how wrong that idea is. Many of the usual tactics used by Democrats will not work on Trump. Take this divide between Trump and Ryan, which is mainly over Social Security. Trump has already made it clear that it will remain untouched. So the old Democrat negative ads of senior citizens being rolled off cliffs in their wheelchairs will fail.

Another major difference this time around is that Donald Trump has already won the working Middle Class vote. Last night, Trump held a rally in West Virginia with some 28,000 people. Only half of them were able to be inside the event venue. Trump connected with the crowd, many of whom work in the coal industry, or had worked before loosing their jobs due to Obama′s climate change nonsense. Donald assured them that once he is elected, they will all be back at work. Unlike Crooked Hillary Clinton, who told coal miners in Ohio that she would put them all out of work. These miners are fools! They saw what happened to the auto industry. Despite all of the government programs for retraining, few auto workers found new careers that had the same pay and benefits they had had making cars. The coal miners don′t want retraining, they want back in the mines digging coal!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! That′s part of the ″Make America Great Again″ strategy of Donald J. Trump. He has his finger on the pulse of the average American. Doesn′t matter what subgroup you may belong to, be it women, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. Everybody wants a good job. Under Obama, only about half of college graduates are finding work and most of them are flipping burgers or serving lattes. Globalism has ruined America. Trump points out that Bill Clinton started it when he signed NAFTA into law. That ″giant, sucking sound″ really did happen as many US companies opened plants in Mexico. Add to that Japan and China. It may be simplistic, but the Trump message resonates on a gut level. Ordinary, Middle Class Americans think, or feel, that Trump is right!

So what fracturing we have in the GOP is mostly due to its own party leaders who are still clinging to their Globalist agenda. They are the ones dividing the Republican Party, not Donald J. Trump! Paul Ryan and the other hacks need to realize that the sleeping giant has awakened. It started waking up in 2010 with the Tea Party Movement and has now morphed into the Trump Train. Finally, the unwashed masses have a national leader to rally around. That was a missing component in previous election cycles. Congressmen, Senators , Governors and others better figure that out quickly or they will be on the wrong side of history. The Age of Elites is over! Power to the People, Baby! Kudos to Rick Perry for jumping on board the Trump Train. Paul Ryan better buy a ticket quick or get left behind. Trump doesn′t need him as much as he needs Trump. As Trump said in a Twitter tweet this morning to Paul Ryan, ″I didn′t inherit the GOP. I WON IT!″