Fox News Channel reporters Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne interviewed Marcel Lehel Lazar, the Romanian hacker known as ′Guccifer′. Currently held in a detention center by federal authorities in Alexandria, Virginia, the 44-year old told all about how he hacked the private email server of Hillary Rodham Clinton. With no formal computer training, Guccifer was able to use readily available hacker programs and proxy servers in Russia to access Clinton′s server. He first succeeded in hacking into the private, AOL email account of Clinton friend, Sidney Blumenthal in March of 2013, then ′data mined′ Blumenthal to break into Hillary′s email server. Guccifer claims to was easy once he saw the pattern of traffic from IP addresses. The FBI is currently investigating the use by Hillary Clinton of a private email server which we now know held at least 2,200 emails with classified material, as well as 22 emails considered ′Top Secret′ and a potential threat to National Security.

Lazar faces multiple charges of hacking and his trial may start on Sept. 12. While the indictment against him does not list individuals whose emails Guccifer hacked, Fox News reports that some of the victims may include Colin Powell, Sidney Blumenthal and at least one member of the Bush family. Fox News says that they have not been able to confirm Guccifer′s claims on hacking Clinton′s server, but that several computer security experts say that the method Lazar described is ″plausible″. Though facing prison for cyber crimes, Lazar told Fox News that he is willing to cooperate with the federal government for a reduction in charges and claims to have some ″two gigabytes of data that is ″too hot″ and ″it is a matter of national security.″″

The Department of Justice has confirmed that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the use by Hillary Clinton of a private email server while as Secretary of State. In addition, the FBI is also conducting a probe into potential ″pay for play″ transactions which allegedly may have taken place between individuals, corporations and governments with the Clinton charity foundation while Hillary headed the State Department. It has been reported before by several sources that some former members of her staff, as well as other State Department employees, have already been interviewed and that others will likewise be questioned soon.

While Bernie Sanders, the last opponent running against Hillary Clinton to be the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee, has not attacked her on the email scandal, Sanders has questioned her judgment. Donald J. Trump, who just became the GOP presumptive presidential nominee now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have suspended their campaigns, has begun quoting Sanders on the matter. Trump has also raised the email scandal already, and will undoubtedly bring up many other past Clinton scandals, too.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her defenders have tried their best to dismiss the recklessness of her using a private email server. They say that national security was never in any peril. They deny that Hillary used a private email server while serving as Secretary of State to avoid leaving a paper trail of documents which could be accessed by Freedom of Information Act requests. But nearly every week, some new tidbit of news pops up which makes these defenses false. Such is the case with this report by the Fox News Channel that Marcel Lehel Lazar, the Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, may have hacked her account long before any emails were deleted. Lazar is currently in custody awaiting trial for other cyber crimes.