As a new day dawns over America, one has to wonder what Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and George Will will do next? They invested themselves entirely in trying to stop Donald J. Trump from becoming the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. After Trump won the Indiana primary last night, he now has an unobstructed glide path to that goal. The initial reaction from Trump′s enemies within the so-called ′Conservative Movement′ has so far been ugly. Mark Levin is not only bashing Trump, but also came down hard last night against the Fox News Channel. For some odd reason, Levin thinks FNC has been pro-Trump? I guess he never seen nor heard of Megyn Kelly, Dana PeRINO, Sheppard Smith, Greg Gutfeld, or Chris Wallace, to name just a few Fox hosts. Not to mention the scores of paid commentators and contributors like George Will, Rich Lowery, Charles Krauthammer, Katie Pavlich, Jonah Goldberg, etc.

Of course, this came after the Lyin′ Ted Cruz mental meltdown yesterday morning when Canadian-born Eduardo went ballistic on Trump and also blamed Fox News as well. Mark Levin justifies his insanity based on what he considers to be principles. He thinks there is no difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton when it comes to ′the Constituuuuuuution′. But actually, it comes down to money and jealousy. Donald Trump would not appear on his talk radio show, which lags far behind others in ratings.

The same is true of Glenn Beck, who justifies his brand of insanity on religion. God has spoken to Beck in Glenn′s dreams, or so he claims. Obviously the same God who spoke to Lyin′ Ted, Raphael and Heidi Cruz. But Beck isn′t holding a Christian Bible when he explains his reasons. Instead, he relies on The Book of Mormon, specifically the White Horse Prophecies. Beck has been doing fasts and calling on a ″new priesthood″ of supporters for Cruz. I suppose that one can say that Glenn Beck has made himself even more ridiculous than Mark Levin! A hard task indeed!

But the honors for most stupid have to go to the King of Cucks, George Will. Even this morning, Will is not letting up one bit, calling on all Conservatives to do whatever it takes to stop Donald Trump from winning in all 50 states. Similar calls from George Will during the GOP primary season have not worked out so well. Hard to image that such will do any better come November. The sad truth is that George Will has been irrelevant for over a decade. I would say he lost his Mojo when he stopped wearing bow ties.

The basic problem that Levin, Beck and Will face is that they are horribly out of touch with ′bread & butter′ America. Most Democrats, Republicans and Independents are all unhappy about the state of the nation′s politics. They are also dreadfully concerned about our economy. The exit polls from yesterday′s Indiana primary show 93% of GOP voters were very or somewhat worried about the economy. For Democratic primary voters, the number was 82%. There is just a general nervous feeling running through the veins of the American people. The soul of the nation seems to be in peril.

Thus, whether Donald Trump adheres to classic ′Conservative′ principles does not really matter. The nation′s survival is at stake! Large numbers of both Republican and Democratic voters believe our so-called ′trade deals′ have cost us jobs, not created them. Sure, one can quote statistics about how international trade has benefited the job market, but people just are not seeing it that way. Nor do they think that the whole ′Open Borders′ thing is working out, either. Barack Obama′s latest plan to pay illegal immigrant teenagers over $17,000, plus free housing, education and health care, is not going to fly well with senior citizens nor with unemployed Americans. Trump is preaching an anti-Globalist message which has been doing very well in the primary season. He will undoubtedly tie Hillary Clinton to the Globalists and use that to defeat her in the general election.

Beck, Levin and Will are all champions of the Globalist viewpoint. While they try to pin Trump with Hillary, the truth is that they are more similar to her than he is. Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and George Will are treading on very thin ice right now. They, along with many others I mentioned above, apparently think that it is better to cling to some set of values, that even Ayn Rand tore down as being intellectually bankrupt decades ago, than to save our nation and try to make it better. Part of this thinking is, especially by dopes like Mark Levin, stems from believing that the Constituuuution is the answer to everything when, in fact, it is the cause of our current problems.

Hamilton and Madison made huge errors in setting things up the way they did. But, then, they were both advocates for a strong, central government. They gave the federal government too much power and did not place enough governors to prevent Washington DC from grabbing even more. Instead of a straight-forward parliamentary system, where an unpopular government could be disposed of quickly, we are forced to trudge through endless election cycles. The Constituuuution doesn′t even really specify who is a citizen in clear enough terms! I often wonder why the Founding Fathers didn′t give bears, wolves and turkeys the right to vote, too? Many of our so-called citizens have less intelligence than beasts of the woods.

This is why Donald Trump has ignited a Patriotic Movement, rooted in Nationalism and Populism. A whole lot of people think that we as a nation are being screwed by everyone from all directions. They′ve had enough and want real change. Trump is the only one talking about it. He′s ready to take a wrecking ball to The System. All George Will, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin want to do is write another book about how to dot an ′i′ or cross a ′t′. Even Rush Limbaugh has run out of steam. In the past few weeks, he sounds as nutty as they do. I guess Rush is worried about being named on Amanda Carpenter′s ′Black List′. Now that ″Daddy″ Ted Cruz is out of the presidential race, ′Hobich′ is in for an epiphany herself, too!

Even after the war has been lost, some of the fools are still pledging to fight on. Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and George Will are just three of the many so-called Conservatives still smarting after Donald Trump has won the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. True, we still have the RNC convention to do, but the wind is at Donald Trump′s back. Trump will sail through the convention and then defeat Hillary Clinton in November. Mark my words, Trump will be our next President of the United States of America. Say it loud, say it proud, say it often. Rub the faces of Beck, Levin and Will in it! They are short-sighted losers all, condemned to wander the savage wastelands of their own making.