Billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump is now just one step away from the White House after winning the 2016 Indiana GOP primary. Perhaps the only person who might stop Trump from becoming the next President of the United States of America is Hillary Rodham Clinton. That is, if Hillary can ever finish off Bernie Sanders, who beat her winning the Indiana Democratic primary. Poor Hillary not only is facing Trump and The Bern, but also James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the FBI. Meanwhile, Lyin′ Ted Cruz decided to call it quits after Donald Trump utterly destroyed him. Cruz won only two counties and still lost all 9 Congressional Districts in Indiana, despite having a lukewarm endorsement from Governor Mike Pence. The past few days have been rough ones for Cruz as his campaign imploded with several acts of lunacy.

Yesterday began with Donald Trump appearing on ′Fox & Friends′ and raised a two-week old National Enquirer story about how Raphael Cruz, Ted′s daddy, may have been connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination. Now, in all fairness, Raphael had it coming, as he has been saying very nasty things about Trump for a while now. Especially in the past few weeks, Raphael has been busy preaching at hate-mongering churches, usually against LGBT folks, on how voting for Trump is offensive to God. That God will punish America should Trump be elected. Raphael has the view that his son was born to lead a nation and do the Lord′s work. So Trump finally had enough of this!

The timing was very strategic. For the past two weeks, Ted Cruz has all but said that he will win Indiana and stop Trump from getting the nomination. After his phony alliance with John Kasich backfired and his phony choice of Carly Fiorina as a running mate went nowhere, Lyin′ Ted began to change his tune. By last weekend, Cruz was committing himself to fighting Trump all the way to June 7 and California, even if he lost badly in Indiana. Team Trump has quickly been learning national politics and knew that they had to start focusing on Hillary Clinton immediately. So Trump attacked Ted′s dad which drove Ted crazy mad, thus launching a 20-minute long diatribe against Trump. This followed earlier embarrassing moments where Lyin′ Ted confronted Trump supporters, even one only 12-years old!

Donald Trump played Ted Cruz like a Stradivarius, getting totally in Ted′s head and under his skin. Cruz was sliced, diced and deep fried within hours. Eduardo drove himself right into the Abyss and took the whole ′Never Trump′ gang with him! I guess they can try backing John Kasich now, who is still campaigning for some bizarre reason. Namely because, like Ted Cruz, Kasich also believes that God spoke to him and ordered him to run for president. Fortunately, Donald Trump only listens to himself, so he is not encumbered by any delusions. This is why Trump is now just one step away from being our next President of the United States of America!

In his defeat speech, Ted Cruz never mentioned Trump by name. The one person I feel sorry for is Heidi Cruz, whom Ted struck twice on stage! First smacking her in the face with his ring hand (no, not basketball ′ring′) and then with a solid elbow in the face. After Lyin′ Ted Cruz threatened a 12-year old boy with a spanking the other day, I do hope that Child Protection Services in the State of Texas keep an eye on Cruz′s daughters if they ever show up at school with bruises. Ted Cruz is not only crazy but in my personal opinion, he may be a violent bully as well. The 100 cans of soup thing with his wife is telling enough. Add to that the alleged philandering and you have one sick puppy with the name Raphael Eduardo Cruz.

After winning the 2016 GOP Indiana primary, Donald J. Trump did compliment Ted Cruz for being a tough competitor. During Trump′s victory speech, he also read a message from RNC Chairman Reince Prebius, whom has declared Trump the presumptive presidential nominee. There is no doubt now that Donald Trump will win the needed 1237 delegates to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot. Of course, some idiots in the Never Trump gang are still talking about stealing the convention. The latest scheme is to unpledge all delegates. But, cooler heads are prevailing and we can now expect a flood of big-name Republicans now endorsing Trump in the coming days and weeks.

So get used to the idea of Donald J. Trump being the next President of the United States of America! Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to get hammered by Trump! If Trump is willing to bring up so kooky story about Ted Cruz′s daddy and the JFK assassination, he′s going to have a field day with 30 years of Crooked Hillary Clinton material. As Betty Davis said, ″we′re in for a bumpy ride″. Those bumps are going to be Hillary′s body as the Trump Train rolls right over her! Don′t forget Bill, too! Its gonna suck being them!