Seems that Lyin′ Ted Cruz may be more than just a pathological liar and alleged adulterer. You may want to add child abuser, too, to the list! During a small campaign rally in Indiana, Lyin′ Ted had words for a 12-year old boy who was heckling Cruz. The young lad told Cruz, ″You suck!″, and was then escorted out by two policemen. Cruz then warned the lad that ″You know, in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking.″ So there you have it! Ted Cruz is a total monster! Belittles his wife with a case of 100 cans of soup because he doesn′t think she′s a good cook. Then allegedly cheats on her with multiple women, including one new rumor about Carly Fiorina! Then doesn′t help poor Carly when she falls during a rally. Now, he wants to beat up on small children. Will this madness ever cease?

Hopefully so after the 2016 Indiana Republican primary today. All indicators are that Lyin′ Ted Cruz will be soundly defeated by Donald J. Trump. However, the odds are that Cruz will stay in the race as he is so deluded with grandeur that he thinks he has some chance at being president, even though he′s just a butt-brain from Canada! Even his own wife, Heidi Cruz, admitted that her husband is an immigrant, and apparently not a ′natural born citizen′.

Speaking of Heidi, a rather dubious website posted a story claiming that an employee at a pizzeria in Indiana allegedly overheard Heidi Cruz in the Ladies Room accusing Carly Fiorina of sleeping with Lyin′ Ted. According to the ′story′, Carly shot back that Ted came on to her! Well! So can we add rape to the list or just poor judgment? Even I have a hard time believing this alleged claim. Just my own prejudice in having no desire whatsoever to having my own bone cleaned by the likes of Carly Fiorina. But who can say what goes on in the mind of Lyin′ Ted Cruz?

Last night I was patiently waiting on C-SPAN 2 for a Donald Trump rally to be televised live from South Bend, Indiana. Over at C-SPAN 1, there was a rally for Lyin′ Ted, so I watched it off and on for a bit. The crowd at the event in Indianapolis was quite small, maybe 200-300 people, compared to Trump having over 6,000 in a much smaller city. While Trump′s rally began with a stream of Hoosier sports heroes, Cruz was started off by two local politicians, both of whom were very boring and spoke too damn long! Trump beat Cruz to the stage but once in a while I switched over to see what was happening. Sure enough, the mad man, Glenn Beck, showed up.

Beck was carrying some big book, and looked dreadful in mom jeans, a denim shirt not tucked in and a goofy wool sweater. I understand that Glenn Beck is staging another one-day fast for Lyin′ Ted Cruz to help invoke the will of God. Beck could easily fast for a month, especially after his latest antics of smothering his face with dust from Cheetos. I′m guessing that the book Glenn Beck was carrying was ″The Book of Mormon″ since he has been on a tear of late claiming that Ted Cruz is the savior mentioned in the infamous ′White Horse Prophecies′. This was allegedly the result of a vision to Joseph Smith back in the early 1840s, foreseeing a time where the US Constitution would, ″hang by a thread″ and be saved by a Mormon.

I was under the impression that Lyin′ Ted Cruz was a Christian, perhaps even a Baptist, given that his father Raphael, often preaches at Baptists churches. But hey, who knows what lurks in these people′s minds? They are all bat-chit crazy, in my opinion. Some of the stuff I′ve read that Daddy Raphael preaches sounds more like Christian Identity Church more so than mainstream Baptist. Glenn Beck, who is a Mormon, is just plain nuts now that his businesses are failing. He just fired 40 employees last week from his news website, The Blaze. As for Lyin′ Ted Cruz, he holds the Bible high and then he lies! Doesn′t matter what he says or thinks, its all probably a lie anyway!

The funniest moment yesterday was when Lyin′ Ted confronted some Trump supporters on the streets of Marion, Indiana. Two dudes in cool sunglasses gave Cruz a hard time when Lyin′ Ted decided to debate with them. Its one thing to troll the Internet to argue with opponents. But trolling on sidewalks with 50 news reporters in tow is simply not a good idea. So Cruz starts off telling the Trump supporters that they are chumps. There′s a pathway to endearment! They respond in kind, calling him ″Lyin′ Ted!″ After about 8 minutes of futile arguing, Cruz says, ″The question America should be asking….″. During the usual, ultra-long, pregnant Shakespearean pause which Cruz is infamous for, the hecklers shout out, ″…Are you Canadian?″ HAH!!! With that, Lyin′ Ted Cruz scampered away in all haste. Don′t stop at the Indiana border, Lyin′ Ted, just keep running all the way back to Canada!