The latest NBC News/Marist poll shows billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump leading Lyin′ Ted Cruz by 16 points in tomorrow′s Indiana primary. Trump scores 49% in this poll of likely Republican voters to only 33% for Lyin′ Ted. John ′Shovel Mouth′ Kasich scores only 16% himself. Despite an alleged alliance between Cruz and Kasich, and Cruz naming Carly Fiorina as his potential running mate, Trump gained in support this past week. Let us look at the facts…

Fact Number One, Lyin′ Ted Cruz has been mathematically eliminated from winning the 2016 GOP presidential nomination as of last Tuesday′s primaries. Donald Trump not only won the 5-state, ′ACELA′ primaries, he crushed his opponents! Trump won with every demographic in the Republican primary and he won in every Congressional district and even down to the county level! In Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter won his US Senate seat five times and not once did he match the total domination of Trump in any of his primary contests. Say what you want about the ACELA states being ′Blue States′ and such, Trump′s victories last week were extremely impressive, outperforming all expectations.

And yet, the usual gang of bozos like George Will, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck still cannot accept reality. Thus, we have one last stand by Conservatives United for Cruz and Kasich, C.U.C.K., being mounted in Indiana. This group of phony Conservatives are only interested in one thing, money! A Trump victory would harm their ability to raise funds for their causes and sell books they write. Even John McLaughlin, whom I have to say looks really bad and is not long of this world, has figured out that Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

There is a reason why Lyin′ Ted Cruz is called Lyin′ Ted. In the past 7 or so days, he′s told many whoppers! Whopper Number One being that he still has some faint chance at being the GOP nominee. Trump is now ahead of his delegate track towards having the needed 1237 to win on the first ballot. The RNC convention in Cleveland this coming July will NOT be a contested convention! There will be no second, third, fourth or extra ballots beyond the first. In fact, as things stand today, there is more of a chance that the DNC convention in Philadelphia will be contested by Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton. Especially if the FBI comes to some sort of decision.

Then we have Lyin′ Ted lying about his so-called alliance between Kasich and himself. First he said that there was cooperation and expected Kasich voters to support him. Then when that was shown to be a lie, as Kasich still wants people in Indiana to vote for him, Cruz lied again saying that there never was any agreement. When that was going nowhere but downhill, Lyin′ Ted tried another cheap trick, naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate. That truly was a cheap trick as it will be the convention delegates whom will pick a running mate and they will choose one that the actual nominee, that being Donald Trump, is okay with.

I have to conclude that the only reason Cruz picked Fiorina is to have an excuse for staying in the race until California. A bad excuse at that, given that Fiorina will not help Cruz much there. She has not even lived in the Golden State since loosing her US Senate race. Fiorina has been a resident of Virginia for about the last 5-6 years. If Cruz wanted to be honest, he could explain that he added Fiorina to his campaign since she has experience with mass firings, as the Cruz campaign will eventually face at some point in the very near future. Carly can certainly help out with disposing of the massive staff Cruz has assembled with all the Big Oil and other PAC money he has received.

So Donald J. Trump has gained ground in the upcoming 2016 Indiana Republican primary according to the latest polls. The hopes for Lyin′ Ted Cruz to be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee are now completely gone after Trump crushed his opponents last Tuesday. Even efforts by Cruz to steal delegates by using arcane RNC rules in state conventions is falling apart. Stories by The Hill and GatewayPundits show there is a growing rebellion amongst Cruz delegates as they consider supporting Trump instead. The Stop Trump and Never Trump forces are also falling apart as the Indiana primary approaches. By Wednesday morning, the only idiots still shilling for Lyin′ Ted Cruz will be nut-jobs like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. Beck is already going off the rails smothering himself in Cheetos in his faux Oval Office. Levin is coming close to joining Beck with statements about how famed Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight knows nothing about the Constituuuuuuuution. Knight does know about leadership and about winning, which is why he is backing Donald J. Trump.