Barack Obama stunk up the ballroom at the 2016 White House Correspondents′ Association dinner last night. About 3,000 politicians, journ-o-lists, and celebrities attended Obama′s last WHC dinner. The so-called ′Comedian in Chief′ was only slightly better than the professional comedian hired to emcee the affair, Larry Wilmore. Other than an appearance by Jason Rezaian, the journalist who was held hostage by the Iranians while charged with spying, the dinner was a total waste of time!

I have often said that Barack Hussein Obama is the dumbest president in American history. He still is! And dull, too! REALYY DULL!!! Obama has no sense of timing and is flat on delivery. Even his recorded video segment was boring. The only highlights from that tortured script were his attempt to use his birth certificate to get a driver′s license and getting retirement advice from John Boehner. Beyond that, it was awful.

Now, in all fairness, most of these dinners usually suck, irregardless of party. As Michael Savage taunts, ″Republicans goooood, Democrats baaaaaaad.″ Savage thinks they both stink and so do I. The only guy recently who had a flair for comedy was Bill Clinton. I know, some of you will be upset that I say this, but its true! A couple weeks ago, C-SPAN replayed the last White House Correspondents′ dinners from both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Clinton′s beat both Bush′43 and Obama′s by 5 lengths, at least! They never had a chance. Clinton′s video of doing laundry, washing the limo, beating a vending machine for an ice cream sandwich, was all good stuff. Even his live speech was better than the rest.

I don′t know who this Larry Wilmore is, but I′m guessing he′s a replacement for Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. He laid a few eggs early on going directly after members of the press. They even booed him a few times and one guy from CNN, Don Lemon, flipped Wilmore the bird! Ouch! The only joke he told that seemed to go well was when he complimented Michelle Obama as having grace, charm and beauty. Wilmore then said this should not be confused with the names of the three strippers with Bill Clinton. Hah-Hah-Hah!

Obama took shots at Hillary Clinton several times during his speech. The best joke he told all night was at the beginning, when he said that if his material is good he′ll use it a year from now before Goldman Sachs. Now that was funny! I′ll give him credit for that one. Of course, Obama went after Republicans, including Cruz and Trump. Obama also seemed to have some sympathy for Reince Prebius for having to manage the RNC during this primary season.

All in all, the 2016 White House Correspondents′ Association dinner was a flop, even though it was the last for Barack Hussein Obama. The Comedian in Chief stunk up the room, though not as badly as the emcee, Larry Wilmore. Still, I struggled through it as there was nothing else decent on to watch, other than an ″F-Troop″ marathon on the Decades Channel. But even a doobie of ′Sour Grapes′ brand medical marijuana was not enough to make the dinner enjoyable. I did watch it on C-SPAN, though, to avoid the usual dull commentary on MSNBC, Fox News or CNN. With Obama speaking, the dull meter was already in the red line for boring!