I swear, some days this job is just too easy! Mark yesterday on your calendar for it was a day when former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, actually said something I agree with. Boehner called Lyin′ Ted Cruz, ″Lucifer in the flesh.″ LOL! That was great! Boehner also said Cruz was the most ″miserable son of a b*tch″ he′s ever worked with. That Cruz will be president, ″over my dead body″! Them be fightin′ words, Johnny! Boehner said all of this during a speech at Stanford University in California. The audience agreed and laughed along with him. Then came the response from Lyin′ Ted Cruz and, naturally, he lied!

Yes, Lyin′ Ted Cruz simply cannot tell the truth at all. He claimed that he hardly knows John Boehner, only met him 2 or 3 times. Has barely said more than 50 words to him. Most of those were just basic greetings, such as ″Good Morning, Mr. Speaker.″ Yeah, right! Turns out that Lyin′ Ted Cruz worked on Boehner′s staff as a lawyer in 2006! So its safe to say that they knew each other, at least in passing. I′m sure Lyin′ Ted met his boss personally often enough, maybe 2 or 3 times per week.

I have come to the conclusion that Lyin′ Ted Cruz is as bad as Barack Hussein Obama, who is a pathological liar. These two cats just cannot utter one truthful word between them. Pretty sad and pathetic. Even more pathetic are guys like Glenn Beck, who thinks Lyin′ Ted Cruz is Moses, not Lucifer, and is destined by God to rule a nation. Yes, God told this to Glenn Beck during a dream one night. Reminds me of the dream scene in ″Network″ when God spoke to Howard Beale. But Beck doesn′t come close to the Mad Prophet of the Airways. Glenn′s latest line of attack is to warn American Christians that if they do not vote for Lyin′ Ted Cruz, God will punish America with plagues.

Of course, some take a different approach. Congress Peter King (R-NY) told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that calling Lyin′ Ted Cruz Lucifer denigrates Lucifer! Not sure if I′ll buy that one, but it makes for a dandy sound bite. One thing is certain, Donald J. Trump will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee and there is not a damn thing that Lyin′ Ted Cruz, or even low-energy Jeb Bush can do to stop it. After the primaries on Tuesday, Trump now only needs some 43% of remaining delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot at the RNC convention in Cleveland come July. Trump′s numbers are so good, he doesn′t even need to win Indiana, but probably will anyway. Trump′s already surpassed Mitt Romney and is poised to finish with more actual votes than any other Republican primary candidate.

So is Lyin′ Ted Cruz Lucifer in the flesh? Former Speaker of the House John Boehner thinks so. He ought to know, having worked with Cruz for several years. Boehner certainly thinks that Cruz is a ″miserable son of a b*tch″ and with good reason. This falls right in line with Lyin′ Ted Cruz being a wacky monster in general. I told a lady friend of mine about how Lyin′ Ted bought Heidi a gift of 100 cans of soup on their honeymoon. My friend′s response was that if a man did that to her, she′d load those cans in a pillow case and beat that man to death, crushing his skull. There it is! Justifiable homicide! Who can argue with the truth?