Donald J. Trump delivered a prepared foreign policy speech yesterday, even using teleprompters, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The 2016 GOP presidential presumptive nominee trashed 25 years of post Cold War doctrine, putting himself left of Hillary Clinton. Trump calls his policy one of ″America First″, a Nationalist view of doing what is in America′s best interest. He attacked the interventionist policies we have seen from Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. Trump attacked Hillary Rodham Clinton directly for her role in the numerous foreign policy blunders of Obama, such as Egypt, Lybia, Iraq and Iran. He admonished Obama and Clinton in particular for allowing radical Islam to carry out a holocaust against Christians and others within the Middle East. Trump vowed a speedy end to ISIS once he is elected.

But it did not end there! Donald Trump also was highly critical of our policies in dealing with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Europe. He attacked the lopsided costs of our military alliances and trade deals. How we have allowed other nations to prosper under our protection as our nation grows weaker and more in debt. Trump vowed to rebuild our military, but not to use it in some willy-nilly fashion of promoting intervention and democracy. The Trump doctrine is to use military force only as a last resort and then do so to achieve Victory with a capital ′V′! No more nation building or other pointless exercises endangering our troops.

As for our competitors, like Russia and China, Trump seeks more cooperation, but only on terms which we benefit from. He does not want another arms race, but wants it understood that he intends to make America the strongest military power on the planet. As for our friends, Trump wants a new understanding of the cost of that friendship. NATO and other alliances will have to be fairer to us. Donald Trump has stated many times before that rebuilding and maintaining our military is a cheaper investment than the consequences of fighting endless conflicts. That the whole point in being strong is to use our strength as a deterrence, not as an excuse for intervention.

All in all, the foreign policy speech by Donald J. Trump yesterday was very consistent with much he has been saying on the campaign trail, and for many years before running for president. Detractors will attempt to link the Trump view of America First with those who were sympathetic to Nazi Germany back in the late 1930s and early 1940s. But this will be an overreach. Trump is merely expressing what many in Middle America have been saying for decades. That we are spending too much money trying to play the world′s policeman while our roads and bridges fall into disrepair. The Trump doctrine is also different in that when we do act, it will be quick and silent, without warning. This puts the burden on our enemies to behave themselves as to not awaken the seemingly sleeping giant. In some respects, its a cross between Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. The eggheads and NeoCons won′t like it, but the Average American will.