Amen! Yes, the announcement yesterday by Ted Cruz on Carly Fiorina to be his vice presidential running mate is somewhere between lunacy and desperation! Now, some people I know may disagree with the following two ′bunker′ analogies, but I′ll run them up the flag pole, anyway. Ted Cruz is finished, much like Adolph Hitler as he cowers in his Berlin bunker. In analogy Number One, despite three Soviet army ′fronts′ (a Soviet Army Front is a collection of several armies, just as an army is a collection of several divisions, brigades, etc.) surrounding Berlin, Hitler insists on inviting Albert Speer to the bunker one last time. After all, Speer, by some measures, is considered to be ′the good Nazi′. Hitler′s only true friend.

So Hitler invites Speer to the bunker one last time to check out his portrait of Frederick the Great and hang out reviewing their scale model of how they intended to rebuild Lintz, Hitler′s birthplace. Of course, the real reason is that Hitler wanted Speer to answer to charges of treason by not carrying out his final orders to destroy all of Germany. But Adolph was all drugged up and depressed. Plus, Speer was his only true friend who understood Hitler the Artist, the Man. So Adolph didn′t press the issue of treason and allowed Speer to flee Berlin before the Russians conquered it. Frankly, I don′t think this analogy works as well for the Carly-Ted affair.

Analogy Number Two might, though. In this one, Ted Cruz publicly chooses Carly Fiorina to be his VP choice much the same as Hitler decides to marry Eva Braun at the bunker on that last day. With 50,000 T-34/85 tanks rolling down the avenues towards the Reich Chancellery, plus a whole bunch of KV-1s and JS-Is & IIs, Hitler felt compelled to do one last nice thing for Eva. She′d been a trooper for many years and deserved to go out as a married woman instead of just a tart.

I think this analogy works better, especially considering how Ted Cruz has already paid for Carly Fiorina. His campaign covered about $500,000 worth of her outstanding campaign debts. Cruz paid that initially for her endorsement a few weeks ago. My guess is that not all of the checks were written and signed yet and so Carly went along with yesterdays farce just to close the deal. It won′t hurt her in the long run to join Cruz in his bunker and await the inevitable.

Make no mistake, Ted Cruz naming Carly Fiorina as his VP choice was a farce! The night before, Cruz was mathematically eliminaTED from being able to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Donald Trump had swept all five primaries on Tuesday, winning by huge margins with between 54% to 64% of the popular vote in each state. So much for Trump′s critics who claimed he had a ceiling of 35%. Trump also exceeded expectations of winning maybe 75 delegates to winning about 110 and possibly another 30-40 of the unplegded variety. This gives Donald Trump some 950-990 delegates with 502 yet remaining in future contests. So Trump only needs to win about half of the remainder to achieve the 1237 delegate mark and win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination on the first ballot. California, with 172, and New Jersey, with 51, are two of the six winner-take-all states left of the remaining 10 contests.

In short, when Donald Trump declared himself the ″presumptive nominee″ on Tuesday night, he wasn′t kidding! While Trump is leading in the polls in Indiana, and the Stop/Never Trump forces are making a last stand there, Indiana doesn′t really matter. If Trump wins it, as he probably will, then that is just one extra nail in the coffin of the Ted Cruz campaign. There will be no second nor third ballot at the RNC convention at Cleveland in July. While Cruz continues to lie about that, his supporters are beginning to bail out. They′ve already heard the thunder of the 20,000 Soviet cannons parked across the Oder River and know ′The End′ is near.

Case in point, the Ted Cruz 527 Super-PAC, the Lone Star Committee, is shutting down its operations. The Weekly Standard published an email from the group′s head who gave an autopsy on why Donald Trump defeated Ted Cruz. Perhaps most telling was in the final couple paragraphs where they admitted that Cruz was never really in the ′top tier′ of candidates until the implosion of Ben Carson in Iowa. Between Carson′s own errors and Trump poking fun at magic belt buckles and Carson trying to kill his own mother, Cruz was able to slip stream his way into winning Iowa.

But what happened after was mostly Cruz′s own fault. The Cruz campaign became tainted as they played dirty tricks and spread many lies about other candidates. Their primary error, however, was totally misreading the voting public and its mood. The voters just didn′t want an ′outsider′, they wanted somebody who was totally out of the box of a normal candidate. While Ted Cruz followed the conventional tactics of small-scale, retail politics, visiting voters at restaurants and church halls, Donald Trump was holding mass rallies at stadiums and airplane hangers, packing them with tens of thousands like some aging rock star on a reunion tour.

Other than Bernie Sanders, none of the other candidates came close to replicating the Trump campaign′s broad appeal and high level of enthusiasm. The Trump voters are not just supporters, they are FANS! Fan equals fanatical. No amount of criticism, negative ads or any of the usual political counter-attacks were going to work in dissuading Trump voters. We saw it over and over again in every exit poll. Trump voters made up their minds months before a vote and nothing was going to sour them. This is something that the Hillary Clinton campaign better realize quickly. If they don′t, then they will fail just as everybody else has when facing Donald J. Trump.

Ted Cruz picking Carly Fiorina as his running mate will make no difference at this stage of the game. The move was just a typical, old fashion, political trick to grab headlines for one day. For Ted Cruz, those days are gone. He′s running on borrowed time. With the first of his Super-PACs shutting down, he′s running out of money, too! The delusional Cruz will only be able to keep feeding his own insanity until the cash runs out. The same goes for John Kasich, and even Bernie Sanders, too! The news this morning that the Sanders campaign has begun laying off staffers is the first sign that the harsh realities of defeat are making their mark. You can say what you want but the game is over. Tuesday′s primaries were reality checks. It will be Trump versus Hillary in November. The only factor left is the FBI, in Hillary′s case. Let the leaking begin!