Donald J. Trump swept the April 26 ′ACELA′ primaries, taking all five states by resounding margins! Trump blew away Lyin′ Ted Cruz and ′Shovel-Mouth′ John Kasich scoring well over 50% in each contest. Cruz finished third in all but Pennsylvania, where he only topped Kasich by about 2 points. Winning at best 4 or 5 delegates yesterday, Ted Cruz is now officially mathematically eliminaTED from the 2016 GOP presidential race. Kasich, who fared no better than Cruz, lost to Trump by margins of 21 to 40 points! The results give Trump a huge wave of momentum to carry him into Indiana where he leads in next week′s primaries by at least 5 to 12 points in the latest polls. More good news is that the silly Ted Cruz – John Kasich collusion alliance seems to have fizzled out within hours after being announced.

Under the ′terms′ of the so-called alliance, Kasich would not campaign in Indiana and Cruz tried to lie his way to a one-on-one showdown with Trump. Lyin′ Ted was telling everyone that Kasich was pulling out of Indiana. But reporters caught up with Kasich who, in between stuffing his big mouth with pancakes, told reporters that he still wants his supporters in Indiana to vote for him. That all he was doing was pulling out resources. In fact, as Tuesday progressed, a scheduled news conference by Cruz and Kasich was canceled and instead came word that Kasich was indeed going to Indiana to campaign! There goes the neighborhood!

Cruz′s only hope now is that maybe Indiana governor, Mike Pence, might endorse him. But, who cares? Donald J. Trump is being endorsed by none other than famed basketball coach, Bobby Knight! With a legend like Knight backing Trump, who needs some governor? Cruz tried to play the Hoosier angle Tuesday evening speaking before a small audience at the same basketball court the film ″Hoosier″ was filmed at. But then he did a dumb thing, calling the basketball hoop a ring. What a ding-a-ling! He may as well have donned the Dukakis tank helmet and try using a self-check-out scanner at a grocery store. Cruz is a total embarrassment and if Pence is smart, he′ll stay the hell away from him!

The results of the April 26 ′ACELA′ primary were staggering for Donald J. Trump. He definitely won big, well above expectations. Even in Pennsylvania, where 54 of the 71 delegates are unpledged, Trump may have won as many as 49 of them. Only 5 of the unpledged delegates of the so-called ′Cruz Slate′ won their contests. Even they may not be counted to vote for Count Cruz in Cleveland this July. In fact, many are now questioning if any of the so-called Cruz unpledged delegates from other states will help him? We won′t really know until the convention starts and votes are cast. Team Trump may sway plenty of them before the balloting begins. Even the RNC is starting to accept the inevitable and clear the path for Trump.

CNN is giving Trump 988 delegates after last night′s primaries in their latest tally. MSNBC and Fox News are a bit lighter, but still have Trump with 950 or more. Despite the ballyhoo, Indiana will probably go for Trump as well next Tuesday and put Donald over the 1,000 mark. Cruz might still pick up some wins in Montana and elsewhere, but it doesn′t matter anymore. Trump will easily win the last primaries in New Jersey and California. Some new estimates now have Trump winning on the first ballot with at least 1250 delegates. Some even put the number at 1,400! If Ted Cruz and John Kasich truly care about the country and want to stop Hillary Clinton in November, then it is high time for them to admit defeat and quit. They are failures and prolonging the agony just makes them more petty and foolish. Donald Trump should be using the last 5 weeks of the primary season to prepare for November, and raise money to help the ′down ticket′ win, too! Cruz should go home and buy his wife another 100 cans of soup and Kasich can always hit an IHOP to stuff his face.