Turns out that the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has been warning about potential biological threats posed by the latest wave of immigrants. Particularly those from Syria. Meanwhile, last week on the CW Network, a new TV series premiered called ″Containment″. The premise of which is that a Syrian refugee has arrived illegally in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, carrying a weaponized strain of the flu. The strain is highly contagious and has a 100% kill rate. Ouch! Episode one shows what transpires during the first 24 or so hours of the outbreak. With direction from Homeland Security, a large section of Atlanta is under quarantine. Fences and gates are established with armed troops ready to shoot those who try to violate the quarantine.

No, its not the Zombie Apocalypse, although several characters do make mention of such. The bug is a strain of the bird flu that has been genetically manipulated to make it highly contagious to humans. The refugee was given the flu in Syria and smuggled into the United States aboard a cargo jet liner. He had family in Atlanta who helped get him to their home from the airport, avoiding customs officials. For at least a day or two, the infected refugee was walking around the city, as well as his family member, spreading the flu virus.

A scary scenario, to say the least! While this flu virus does not turn you into a zombie, it does make you extremely sick, complete with blood gushing out of your mouth, eyes, etc., to help spread the disease further. Just before death, the high fever does cause the victim to go rabid and act violently in a mindless manner. So, its the next best thing to a zombie.

The CDC has been concerned about the flow of diseases into America back during the wave of illegal immigrant children whom Barack Obama all but invited in. Heck, ′Conservative′ heroes like Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz handed out teddy bears and soccer balls to these kids! Way to go, guys! Too bad about the spread of several diseases from these children. All across America, there were many outbreaks of a variety of diseases, such as strains of the measles and even leprosy! America children were getting sick thanks to this nonsense, many even died. Obama, Beck and Cruz have blood on their hands!

Now, we also have the dreaded Zika virus which has entered the United States from South and Central America. Dozens of states now have hundreds of confirmed cases and some regions, such as along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, are preparing for the worse. There are even plans for introducing biologically altered mosquitoes to combat the spread of Zika. By the summer months, the Zika virus could be out of control in the USA! Chalk up another legacy for the Barack Obama administration.

Of course, the potential for a biological contagion weaponized by terrorists is a serious threat. Trying to smuggle in a nuclear weapon, even a modest ′dirty bomb′, may be difficult thanks to improvements in scanning sensors used by authorities. In some cities, like New York or Washington DC, there are radiological detectors literally everywhere. But trying to stop a contagion is a whole other matter. Especially one that has been weaponized with a fair time delay to allow its spread to go unnoticed until its too late.

The new TV series on the CW Network, ″Containment″, airs Tuesday nights and gives a reasonably good look at how such a weaponized strain of the flu could be used by terrorists. Given the state of relations between police and some neighborhoods, trying to quarantine infected areas of a city will be difficult. Meanwhile, in the real world, our CDC has been issuing warnings about the potential spread of diseases, weaponized or not, by refugees and immigrants. For the most part, elected officials and The Media are ignoring these warnings from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It may not be the Zombie Apocalypse, but we could see the next best thing to it. Even the Zika virus could wind up causing a lot of problems.