Today marks the last, full day of the Ted Cruz campaign. By tomorrow evening, after 5 Mid-Atlantic states hold their primaries, Cruz will be mathematically eliminated from winning the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Technically speaking, he already is, as Cruz would need to win 98% of all remaining delegates. That, to put it bluntly, simply is not going to happen. Forget about second, third or even 50th ballots at the RNC convention in Cleveland come July. Ted Cruz is not going to win that, either! Donald J. Trump is leading in the polls for tomorrow′s primaries by huge margins, 25-points or more! He is even leading in Indiana and in California. Ted Cruz has no chance, whatsoever.

Yesterday, the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaign announced that they will coordinate their activities in the next round of primaries. Cruz will campaign in Indiana while Kasich will enjoy a Cruz-less fight in Oregon and New Mexico. The plan here is to stop Donald Trump from winning the needed 1237 delegates to secure the GOP nomination. The plan comes too little, too late, as usual with these clods! The time to have done this was after Florida! Just because Kasich will not campaign in Indiana does not mean that all of his supporters there will vote for Cruz. Plenty will, more than enough to still give Trump a shot at winning. Cruz wasn′t much of a threat to begin with in Oregon or New Mexico, so this gesture is pointless.

Also pointless is this whole extra ballot thing. Donald Trump′s new team leader for the RNC convention, Paul Manafort, is an old pro at convention fights. Trump will most likely win on the first ballot, but if he doesn′t, with Manafort at the helm, there is a good chance that Trump will win it by the third. The GOP Establishment is not going to go through all of the trouble, risks and blow-back just to make Ted Cruz the nominee. Mitch McConnell, and other Republican leaders, have less stomach for Cruz than they do for Trump. One of the rumors that was floating around at the RNC meeting this past week in Hollywood, Florida was that the anti-Trump forces have a new plan to stop Trump!

Check this one out! The new plan is to run out the clock in Cleveland. Even if they have 20, 30 or 50 ballots, the plan is to have the RNC convention in July end with no nominee! This then will open the door for a second RNC convention after the Democrats hold theirs in Philadelphia. Presumably this second RNC convention will take place in late August, early September. All of the delegates will be completely unbound and could vote for anyone they want, such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney. So this is what the brain trust at the GOP has now come up with. Talk about utter insanity!

There is precedence! A second convention held by the Democratic Party in 1860 put Stephen Douglas on the ticket to oppose Lincoln. That′s how far back we have to go and, as history shows us, the plan didn′t work then! So if these idiots in the Republican Party who still cannot accept Donald J. Trump as their nominee actually think that this latest scheme is worth pursuing, all I can say is ″Bless their hearts!″ I hope they enjoy the ride to the funny farm where they can calm down in the peace and quiet of their rubber-walled rooms.

So for all of you Cruz-Bots out there, enjoy this last, full day of hopelessness. By tomorrow evening, the Cruz Crew will be just spinning their wheels, going nowhere, if they haven′t been doing so all along. Ted Cruz never had a chance at being the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. All they can hope for is to try and stop Donald J. Trump which seems unlikely at this point. Even if Trump is stopped by the GOP Establishment, they certainly are not going to back Cruz. John Kasich has a better shot at that title and they won′t pick him, either. The RNC is starting to come around to accepting Trump. If the Republican Party elites do reject Trump, they′ll either sit out 2016 or blow up the GOP to put one of their own in as nominee. I almost pity Cruz supporters, but, then I think about all of the lies and dirty tricks they have been spewing. No, I′m not going to miss them at all. Not for a minute! Amanda Carpenter might be happy since Daddy Cruz will be free to slice some cheese after the campaign goes belly up. I knew all along that with Lyin′ Ted Cruz, you loose!