On You-Tube there is captured video showing what appears to be Ted Cruz bribing a delegate with a $100 bill. The video, posted by Neil Turner, has gone viral, as ′THEY′ say, with over 147,000 views. The actual domination of the bill is a mystery, but one must assume that even a Ted Cruz delegate would not sell his or her soul and nation out for less than $100. Or maybe they would? The way Glenn Beck talks about Ted Cruz being on some mission from Jehovah (or is it Joseph Smith?) these fools may sell out just for a title of being part of the Cruz priesthood cult. After Heidi Cruz told CNN about Ted′s honeymoon purchase of 100 cans of soup and stews, you gotta wonder just how crazy Ted Cruz and his supporters really are?

This, and other factors, may explain why there seems to be some movement on the part of the GOP Establishment to concede defeat and accept Donald J. Trump as the rightful presidential nominee. Unless you are some kook, like Glenn Beck or Mitt Romney, you don′t buy your wife 100 cans of soup to demonstrate your love. I′m sure Donald Trump buys his ladies fine jewelry starting at 100 carats, not cans of soup. Buying your wife 100 cans of soup is like buying her a vacuum cleaner on her wedding anniversary or birthday. You have to be some real cad of a man to think those are romantic gifts.

Ted Cruz is obviously a cad, unless, of course, you are a member of his all-girl cheese slicing team of alleged mistresses. This makes me wonder if he rates his alleged mistresses by what type of cheese he buys for them to slice? Are they worthy of some gorganzola or only rate some mild cheddar? Perhaps Heidi Cruz only gets pre-sliced American cheese? Ted apparently does not think much of Heidi as a cook if he′s buying 100 cans of soup. If Ted Cruz is only bribing convention delegates at a price of $100 each, he must not think much of them, either.

So what can one say about a man like Ted Cruz who may be bribing delegates at a $100 a pop, and only gives his wife cases of canned soup for wedding anniversaries? This guy has all the makings of a tyrant and a cheap one at that! If you are going to go down that road then at least do it in style. Go B-I-G or don′t go at all! Just when I thought this campaign cycle could not get any nuttier, Ted Cruz does some new outrage. Glenn Beck will probably stay true to his demigod, Ted Cruz. Beck may even believe that Cruz has already been judged and assigned a world to rule by Jehovah, Jesus and Joe Smith from the planet Kolab. Here′s a good stock tip for 2017. Buy stock in companies that make straight jackets and foam rubber for the walls of psycho wards. There will be a big demand after Donald Trump wins the election and guys like Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin blow their gaskets!