Everyone predicted that by 2017, when ObamaCare goes into full swing, that the Affordable Care Act would crash and burn. The legislative, signature legacy piece of the Barack Hussein Obama administration was dealt another blow this past week. UnitedHealth Group, one of the largest health insurance providers in the country, is pulling out of Obamacare. The company announced that it will cease to offer plans in Michigan, Georgia and other states, and will reduce coverage in many others. Some state exchanges will now have only one or two options once this happens. The company cites continuing higher costs as the reason for discontinuing services in these states. Premiums overall are expected to increase well above the average, including more so now than before when the ACA took effect.

Once again, more evidence of how the Obama administration has failed to serve the public! The Affordable Care Act was built on a lie, sold on more lies, and executed with even more lies. Elected Democratic Party officials who gave us the ACA should all be prosecuted for the wholesale fraud they have committed upon the American people. What Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and many others did was far worse than anything Bernie Madoff did!

Now, I should point out that as a business, UnitedHealth Group has had a good year, posting more record profits. But, one needs to keep in mind that even before the ACA, the health insurance industry was highly regulated and was practically a structured monopoly to begin with. Most states allowed for only a handful of insurance providers to operate within their borders. Obamacare only made this worse!

Then we have to factor in that the ACA is still not in its full effect, yet. That comes after Obama leaves office in January, 2017. So while Barack Obama is out playing golf or giving speeches at mega-buck rates, the full force of the harm he and his minions have wrought upon us will just be really starting. The ACA was designed from the beginning to fail in order to justify going totally Socialist with a single-payer plan.

So the decision by UnitedHealth Group to start pulling out of state exchanges and end its coverage of Obamacare is no surprise. Other health insurance providers will follow suit as the Affordable Care Act goes into full swing in 2017, making the ACA very unaffordable. Then, even the most blind, stupid, Koolaid sucking Liberal will have to admit that Obamacare has been a disaster. Heck, Bernie Sanders has already come clean on that score, making his own, single-payer, ′BernieCare′ part of his campaign. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama will be laughing all the way to the bank, cashing big checks from corporate speeches he′ll be giving in between rounds of golf. What a life! What a world!