The news yesterday of the sudden death of Prince shook the world. Today, on Earth Day 2016, millions will celebrate the music artist′s amazing life in dozens of cities across the globe. Large dance parties, concerts and other memorials are planned. Early reports of Prince dying from complications of the flu are now being pushed aside with stories of a recent drug overdose. But until a coroner′s report is completed, the reason why the 57-year old pop icon died will be unknown. Practically the entire media world shifted its attention to Prince dying as the story broke yesterday afternoon. Along with the recent death of David Bowie, the music world has now lost two of its most innovative artists. A sad day indeed!

As billed, this is an ′Open Thread′ piece. We haven′t had one in a while since the presidential race has dominated much of the news. So you have an opportunity to comment on any subject you care to. Perhaps you would like to share your memories of attending a Prince concert or how much joy you may have derived from his music? I think my favorite ′Prince moment′ was his musical score for the first of the Tim Burton ″Batman″ movies. The scene where Jack Nicholson as The Joker vandalized the Gotham art museum as his henchmen played Prince on a large boom-box was terrific! More Prince music served in the big Joker parade scene leading up to the final battle between Batman and The Joker.

Of course, there are many other topics which you may wish to touch upon other than Prince. The Paris Climate Change Treaty is coming under more criticism as some 1,000 prominent scientists has inked a petition denouncing the whole climate hoax. Another op-ed from one of the founders of The Weather Channel was published in USAToday attacking the whole global warming hysteria. More attention is being directed at the Socialist and financial nature behind the Climate Alarmists, who seek to tax the United States in particular and redistribute our wealth to other nations. There is also the aspect of a few funders of politicians and causes getting large sums of government money to build green energy projects. This, while more and more green energy companies go belly up.

The economy, in general, is also a good topic for discussion. There has been a lot of talk about how sound our financial institutions are? A few weeks ago, the head of the IMF warned of issues within the insurance industry that makes it as perilous as the banking and mortgage industries were in 2008. There are also more signs of China having problems and we have the threats by Saudi Arabia to dump hundreds of billions of dollars worth of US Treasuries on the market should Congress pass a bill allowing 9/11 victims families to sue the Saudis. One might recall the film ″Rollover″ where a sell-off by the Saudis begins a global, economic collapse.

On the political front, the biggest development of the past 24 hours has been Donald Trump, of course, who seems to be pivoting for the general election. The Trump campaign is taking two controversial stands which has ′Social Conservatives′ up in arms. Trump wants to change the GOP platform plank on zero, ate-term abortions to allowing such for cases of rape, incest and for medical reasons to save the life of the mother. The Trump campaign is also opposing the so-called ′Bathroom Bills′ that some states, like North Carolina, are passing. The Trump position is that a transgender person should be allowed to use which ever bathroom they feel most comfortable with. Some say this opens the door for sexual deviants such as voyeurs and pedophiles to run amok. I shall wait for specific details before passing judgment on whether Trump is out of line with his position? If someone truly is transgender, whether medically or just in spirit, I don′t see a problem. But there should be some form of recourse if there is evidence of someone using the law to violate the rights of others. Penalties for such violations should be as harsh as possible to dissuade such activities.

So those are just some topics which you may care to leave a comment on. Today is Earth Day 2016 and much of the world is focused on the death of the music icon Prince. He made a major impact on the music and entertainment industries with his talent and innovative art. Many liken Prince to Jimmy Hendrix and the recently deceased David Bowie. What was your favorite Prince song? ″Purple Rain″? ″1999″?