What is up with Harvard Law School? We are always being told that Harvard produces the ′best and the brightest′. Barack Hussein Obama is acclaimed to be some sort of genius because he attended Harvard Law. Alan Dershowitz, who teaches at Harvard Law, claims that Ted Cruz was the smartest student he ever had! Then how do you explain why these two guys are such huge dummies? That both Obama and Cruz may in fact be totally insane? They both say the dumbest things, and the biggest lies and expect everybody to agree with them! Just take for example the latest stupidity uttered by Ted Cruz. How, ″America has always been at her best when she′s lying down with her back on the mat.″ What sort of image is Cruz, an alleged philanderer, trying to paint with that statement?

Even with my own, somewhat twisted mind, I′m not sure I can due this one any justice. All I can say is that Ted Cruz is mad! His massive defeat on Tuesday in the New York primary has all but made it impossible to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. At this point, with just 11 state contests left to go, and five of those winner-take-all types, Cruz needs to win 98% of all remaining delegates. That, simply, is not going to happen. Donald Trump leads in the polls in the next five states which hold their primaries next week Tuesday. When the dust settles, it will wrap things up, putting Ted Cruz in the same boat as John Kasich, who currently needs 158% of remaining delegates.

After next Tuesday, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich will be mathematically out of the GOP race. It will be impossible for either to win enough delegates to grab the nomination on the first ballot at the RNC convention in Cleveland this summer. Donald Trump began Tuesday morning needing 62% of remaining delegates and after winning the New York primary, he now needs 57%. After next week′s series of victories, he will need even fewer. The Trump campaign claims they have a plan for getting some 1400 delegates secured by the convention. Even if Trump winds up falling short by 100 or so of the 1237 needed after the last primaries on June 7, there are still some 200 or so uncommitted delegates available, not to mention many others from other candidates whom have already dropped out.

Cruz and Kasich argue that nobody will win the first ballot at the national convention. Cruz is working hard to try to secure enough votes on a second or third ballot, but that is as big an ′IF′, maybe bigger, than Trump winning on the first ballot. Kasich might be able to make a better argument that he may be more electable when facing Hillary Rodham Clinton in November. Frankly, I think Donald Trump still has that title nailed down as he will be able to fight it out with Hillary and her allies in The Media and Far-Left much better than Cruz and Kasich combined. When it comes to having a can full of ′whoop-ass′, Trump has a YUGE stockpile on hand.

The we have the problem facing the GOP. Are they truly prepared to blow up their own party just to deny Trump the nomination? We have already seen over the last few weeks Trump having private meetings with RNC officials and GOP leaders in Washington. If anyone can cut a deal it′s Donald J. Trump! While it is already too late to mount a 3rd Party run, if the GOP opposes nominating Trump and brings in a ringer at the convention, a whole lot of Trump voters will sit out in November. We are already seeing in several polls that more than 60% of Republican voters say the nomination should go to whoever finishes with most of the votes and delegates. That might not be in the convention rule book, but it is the general attitude of the people.

The Trump campaign has been reorganizing itself for the next phase of the fight. Several old hands, experienced with the nuances of political party rules and conventional campaigns have been hired and given the responsibility to guide Candidate Trump through the hoops. A week or two ago, the odds may have been 50-50 that Trump would win the nomination on the first ballot. I would say that as of today, its over 60% and possibly guaranteed already if a handful of GOP leaders have been satisfied that they can work with Trump. I suspect that this is why Paul Ryan was so adamant a week or so ago when he took himself out of a convention floor fight. A deal with Trump has either already been reached, or is very close to being locked down.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich really need to adjust their campaigns at this point. Kasich looks like he is already running for the Veep job, even though he denies it. My advice to him is after Indiana holds its primary next month, where he will probably finish second or third, is to formally drop out and throw his support to Trump. That would give him a good shot at some job in the Trump administration, like Post Master General if not Veep. Also, it would spare him from being the last one holding the hot potato. There is absolutely no way Kasich would win the nomination after 10 ballots, let alone 2 or 3! I′ll grant him some pride and give him till Indiana to face reality. But after that, he is going to wind up looking very stupid.

As for Ted Cruz, there really is nothing left at this point. All he can do now is be a spoiler and further divide the party. His campaign has failed to win votes and delegates outright. There is the taint of Iowa and of his manipulations of other delegate acquisitions. Every day, every story, just makes Cruz look more and more like your average, typical, conniving politician. Even if there is a floor fight and multiple ballots at the convention, Cruz will not get the nomination. Kasich stands a better chance. The odds are it will go to Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush, before the GOP picks Cruz to be the nominee. Mitch McConnell will not stand for Cruz to be the nominee under any circumstance. Plenty of other high-ranking, elected Republicans feel the same way.

This latest remark by Ted Cruz after he was blown out in New York is very creepy. That, ″America has always been at her best when she′s lying down with her back on the mat.″ Eek! Doesn′t exactly match up to, ″When the going gets tough, the tough get going!″ Ted Cruz has already inspired many nasty memes, being portrayed as the vampire, Count Cruz, or as a rat with whiskers added to his face. For somebody who is supposed to be so smart, even the smartest student ever from Harvard Law School, Ted Cruz is saying the dumbest things. Worst is that he expects us to believe him when he talks about how he can still pull off some sort of miracle. Contrary to what Glenn Beck thinks, Ted Cruz is no Moses! He does not even rate a good King Solomon at this point!