Both Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton beat expectations with their victories yesterday in the New York primary. The Real Clear Politics average had Trump ahead of Ted Cruz and John Kasich by some 34 points. Donald Trump wound up winning the Empire State by 36 points! Most polls had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 12 points at most. She finished 16 points ahead of him! As I write this, only 94% of the ballots have been counted in both party primaries. The New York primary results as of now have Trump at nearly 61%, Kasich at just below 25% and Cruz at 14.5%. Hillary is standing at nearly 58% with Sanders at about 42%. Clinton will earn most of the 247 delegates, along with most of the 54 super-delegates from NY. So far, Trump is calculated to have won 88 of the 95 delegates with Kasich getting just 3. Cruz failed to meet the 20% minimum and got completely skunked, as well he should!

So much for the ′Big Mo′ that Cruz and Sanders were supposed to have had after winning a number of other state contests. Both are nearly mathematically out of the running to win their party nominations before any convention. The up coming elections next week will seal their fates once and for all. Bernie will not have much of an argument for changing the minds of super delegates already committed to Hillary. As for Lyin′ Ted Cruz, he is getting desperate for money. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren belittled the latest Cruz campaign email for fund raising, chiding the alleged ″sacrifices″ he has made to run for the White House.

Trump has no problem with funding as he has plenty of his own cash. Some $20 million dollars have been committed to finish the primary season and prepare for the GOP national convention. The Trump campaign has reorganized itself for the coming delegate battles expected. With yesterday′s win in New York, Donald Trump is on a clear path to winning at least 1150 to 1200 delegates before the convention, if not the needed 1237. Should he fall short, there are some 200 uncommitted delegates whom Trump can tap and potentially sway, as well as many from other candidates. More and more ′experts′ are now conceding that the odds are improving for Trump to secure enough to win the nomination on the first ballot. The ′Never Trump′ effort appears to have utterly failed.

As for Hillary Clinton, she just raised a truckload of money last weekend thanks to George Clooney and his Hollywood pals. The only thing that might stop her at this point is the FBI investigations into her private email server and the Clinton Foundation. The recently publicized Panama Papers may add to the latter, showing many Clinton supporters as being tax cheats, hiding their money in off-shore banking accounts if any of the rumors are true? The IRS this week issued a warning to the hundreds of US citizens who are allegedly named in the Panama Papers to come clean now to avoid any legal issues.

All three losers yesterday vow to stay in the race till June 7, when California and New Jersey hold the final primaries. But it is really rather pointless now. All they can do is harm their party′s nominees for the general election. Exit polling data showed Donald Trump winning in nearly every demographic among Republican voters, including with most women. Some 57% favor Trump. While 48% of GOP voters said they have some fears of a Trump presidency, about 56% said they fear Lyin Ted Cruz being president! Ouch! Bernie Sanders still won big in the exit polls as being more honest than Hillary Clinton. But around 91% said Hillary is more qualified than The Bern.

So Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump were the big winners in the New York primary yesterday. Whatever mojo Lyin′ Ted Cruz thought he had is long gone. He finished in third place, well behind John Kasich and the polling numbers for the primaries next week aren′t any better for either of them. Nor are they good for Bernie Sanders. Looks like I can relax a bit now and catch up on last season′s ″Game of Thrones″ during the Xfinity ′Watchathon′.