Start spreading the news…, they′re voting today. The New York State primary is today with 95 delegates up for grabs for the Republican Party and 247 delegates for the Democratic Party. The latest New York primary polls show both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump leading their contests by more than 50%. Hillary is ahead of Bernie Sanders by as much as 12 points in some polls and as few as 2 points in others. Trump is well ahead of John Kasich and Lyin′ Ted Cruz by 20-30 percentage points. Cruz was literally run out of New York four days ago failing to generate any excitement. Donald Trump held a big rally last night in Buffalo, NY, packing between 7,000 to 8,000 fans. While Hillary has a lead over Sanders, don′t count out ′The Bern′ just yet.

After a heated Democrat debate last week on CNN, Bernie Sanders has been attacking Hillary Clinton more often. He is questioning her judgment and also criticizing Hillary over her close, financial ties to Wall Street and the Big Banks. The Sanders campaign is also raising questions about the all-too cozy relationship between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. While Bernie says nothing about the use by Hillary of a private email server and potential violations of national security laws, Bernie does attack her regularly on her highly-paid speeches to rich, powerful corporations. He has scored points in demanding that she release transcripts of those speeches.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is fighting both of his campaign opponents, The Media, the GOP Establishment, Conservative Inc., and a whole host of ′Never Trump′ fools. But Trump seems to relish the fight, much like Winston Churchill doing his best work while the Luftwaffe drops hundreds of bombs about him. When it comes to dealing with side-show freaks like Lyin′ Ted Cruz and John ′The Dull′ Kasich, it is easy to see why Trump was a big hit with the WWE fans. I so much desire to see Trump nail Cruz with a steel, folding chair and body slam Kasich on to a table, then throw both out of the ring with Trump′s large, manly hands.

But Donald Trump is already beginning to eye the general election in November as he unleashed his new nickname, ″Crooked Hillary Clinton″. She′s as crooked as a road in Monte Carlo! Trump′s latest line of attack on the rigged System is perfect for dealing with Hillary, who personifies ′The System′, especially a rigged, crooked one! Her dishonesty breaks new records. There are already inklings that there may be trouble ahead in regards to the Panama Papers scandal. Many close friends and contributors to the Clintons are listed in those documents. As more details are made public on the tax cheaters, and their secret, off-shore bank accounts, it will get very rough for Hillary Clinton.

However, the focus of today is on the New York State primary. Donald Trump is expected to easily win the GOP side of the vote and should earn at least 80 of the 95 delegates. He could sweep them all if he wins every Congressional District, which is not that far-fetched. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are fighting to snag a few districts ′Upstate′. Meanwhile, Hillary Rodhman Clinton will most likely win the Democratic Party primary in New York, and get more than half of the 247 delegates. Bernie Sanders might get 100 or so, but Hillary will win the majority.