Time to break out some Charlie Daniels because the Devil went down to Georgia on Saturday and the name of that Devil is Lyin′ Ted Cruz! The Republican Party of Georgia held its delegate convention on Saturday to select delegates to attend the RNC convention in Cleveland this coming July. Debbie Dooley, an activist and member of the Tea Party, the GOP, and involved in many Conservative causes, earned a spot as a potential delegate to represent the Georgia 7th Congressional District. Based on the outcome of the primary vote held back on March 1, 2 of the district′s 3 delegates should have been for Donald with the third for Marco Rubio. But, as we have seen before in other states, and across the State of Georgia, the Ted Cruz campaign managed to keep many Trump delegates from being selected.

While I do not know Debbie Dooley personally, somehow or another, through the magic of social media, we had become Facebook ′friends′ a couple-four years ago. In recent months, I have been following many of her posts more closely as she has become a very vocal supporter of Donald J. Trump. A few weeks ago, she announced that she had been selected to be a candidate as a Trump delegate in Georgia. Naturally, after seeing what had happened in Louisiana and elsewhere, and especially after the Colorado two Saturdays ago, Debbie was very concerned about what might happen in her home state of Georgia. Some of what you are about to read was published by Breitbart News as the material came from an official press release from Debbie Dooley. But she did agree to answer a few questions posed by myself, which I hope you will find enlightening.

First, a bit of background. Debbie Dooley has been active in politics since 1976. She has been involved in some 40 political campaigns and twice before has been a delegate to the Republican National Convention, including in 2012. Debbie′s credentials as a GOP member in good standing include serving a Vice-Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party. In the 2008 general election, Debbie managed the Gwinnett GOP campaign office. Since 2002, she has attended every Republican Party of Georgia convention as a delegate on the county, district and state level with the exception of one year. Debbie co-founded the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots in 2009 along with Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin. She served on the board of directors of the Tea Party Patriots since October, 2009 and spoke at the 9-12 March in Washington, DC in 2009. Debbie Dooley has also served as the Georgia Coordinator for Freedom Works and just a few weeks ago, appeared on the Fox Business Network show hosted by John Stossel to talk about Donald Trump and his campaign.

Okay, so, with all that being noted, I think we can safely say that Debbie Dooley is a well respected member of the Republican-Conservative-Tea Party scene. I′m sure that she has stuffed plenty of envelops, worked many phone banks and knocked on a whole lot of doors promoting her brand of grassroots politics. Debbie is not some Johnny-Come-Lately who just popped up out of nowhere, nor is she some wild-eyed, lunatic anarchist hurtling bricks and bombs. If you ask me, she is about as ′Establishment′ as one can be without belonging to some secret society from Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

So why was she denied being a delegate for the 2016 Republican National Convention from Georgia? According to the press release which Debbie Dooley sent to Breitbart News and others, ″the Gwinnett Cruz Campaign and Cruz SuperPAC Director Maria Strollo Zack conspired together to keep Trump supporters from being chosen to be delegates.″ Even though Ted Cruz failed to win enough votes to earn any delegates from the 7th Congressional District in Georgia, Cruz managed to steal all 3 delegate slots. Despite votes cast by nearly 90,000 registered Republicans in Georgia′s 7th District, only 175 people at Saturday′s convention determined the outcome. The slate of candidates, which included Debbie Dooley, had been vetted and approved by the Nominating Committee and by the 7th District leadership. But the slate of candidates was voted down by Ted Cruz supporters, even though Debbie was the only identified Trump supporter on the slate! Dooley was challenged as being a delegate and was defeated by local ″Cruz activist, Dave Hancock, whom had been nominated by the two co-chairmen of the Gwinnett for Cruz campaign, Kathy Hildebrand and Andre′ Adamski.″ What took place at the 7th District convention seems to have been repeated all across the State of Georgia this past Saturday.

I asked Debbie about how she got nominated to be a Trump delegate candidate, this was her response. ″Trump was allotted two delegate slots in the 7th District because of the results of the March 1st Georgia Republican Primary. Rubio earned one delegate [and] Cruz did not earn a delegate slot because he came in third. The results [of] March 1st were Cruz – 24,003 votes Rubio – 30,541 Trump – 32,557. I wanted to be a Trump delegate but was not elected. The process is as follows…

″In Georgia, the national delegate process actually begins in February with GOP Mass Precinct meetings. People that attend mass precinct meetings were elected as delegates to the Gwinnett GOP County Convention. At the Gwinnett GOP County Convention, we elected delegates to the GOP District and State Conventions in order to elect delegates to the National convention. The State Convention is the first Saturday in June in Augusta.″

As we read above, the 7th District Convention is the point where the Ted Cruz campaign succeeded in abusing the rules in order to change the outcome of the vote. Instead of Donald Trump getting two delegates and Rubio getting one, Cruz stole all three slots. I asked Debbie what she thinks may be the impact of these delegate ′thefts′ by Cruz on the general election. Here is her response…

″I think if Trump is the nominee, it will have no effect. If the nomination is stolen by Cruz or someone else, 33% of Republican voters will not vote for the GOP nominee. Cruz has higher negatives among Trump supporters than the establishment does. I did an informal survey on social media of Trump supporters. 574 answered the survey and over 90% said they would not support Cruz in the general election – even against Clinton, if he stole the nomination from Trump.″

I then asked Debbie Dooley why she is supporting Donald J. Trump to be our next president of the United States? She answered, ″I support Donald Trump because I want drastic change in the corrupt Washington DC system and in the Republican Party. Trump is the only [candidate] that will bring about that change. I want someone that represents Main Street – not Wall Street. Trump is the champion of Main Street, while Sen. Cruz has taken millions of dollars in donation from Wall Street and big banks. Cruz is part of the system that is corrupt. Cruz has also proven himself as someone who that is willing to lie, cheat and steal to get elected. He is no different in that regard than the Republican Establishment Elitists.″ Debbie also added that, ″Trump is the only candidate that can bring back Reagan Democrats back into the Republican Party fold.″

I agree with you on all points, Debbie Dooley! I′ll add that only Donald Trump can rebuild American and its necessary institutions. Trump will be an American Pharaoh, making America great again by rebuilding our economy, our military, our infrastructure and restoring our national prestige around the world. Sure, plenty of people will be scared of a Trump presidency, like the Chinese, ISIS, and others. But, as Trump often quips, ″…but that′s okay!″ They should be scared of us! Trump will even have Vladimir Putin curled up like an infant, sucking his thumb as he cowers deep in the bowels of the Kremlin. Unlike Barack Obama, whom Putin taunts every day before his morning tea.

So there you have! The Devil went down to Georgia on Saturday and that devil′s name is Lyin′ Ted Cruz! The Cruz campaign was up to its usual tricks again to steal delegates won by Donald J. Trump. The good news is that since the outrage of Colorado, the Trump message of a rotten system has caused his polling numbers to jump significantly in the states which have yet to vote. At the same time, Ted Cruz is falling in the polls, with some showing him in third place behind John Kasich. All of this talk in The Media, mostly by Cruz-Crew pundits, of Ted Cruz riding some enormous wave of momentum since Wisconsin has crashed into a rocky shoreline. His rusty, rotten hull has been exposed and soon, the rats will start fleeing from his ship as it runs aground tomorrow in New York. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin better go on a suicide watch as their vaunted Moses has shown himself to be a Judas.

The choice before us is very simple. If you want to ″Make America Great Again″, have real change and end the corruption in our political system, then vote for and support Donald J. Trump. But if you like burdening your children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt, of destroying America′s sovereignty with schemes like the North American Union, which Heidi Cruz supported in a 2005 document published by the Council of Foreign Relations, and the eventual enslavement of the American people, then go ahead and vote for the Devil, Lyin′ Ted Cruz! Makes no difference to me if your soul is damned for all eternity! If you don′t care, then why should I? Me, I′ll be in good company in Heaven with my fellow Trump supporters. This is more than just ′politics as usual′. This is a battle for our very souls and for the basic, fundamental principles of democracy and self-governance.