There may not have been as many Republican voters disenfranchised in Wyoming as in Colorado yesterday, the results were the same. Lyin′ Ted Cruz once again played fast and loose with the rules of the Republican Party of Wyoming and snatched all 14 delegates for the national convention this summer. In Georgia, the Cruz campaign stole more delegates despite the fact that there actually was a vote during which Donald Trump won the state! Trump had written an op-ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal, which often opposes him, asking the American people how well ′The System′ is treating them? Since the Colorado non-vote delegate convention, Donald Trump has turned the corruption in our political, banking and economic systems into an effective campaign message. Nearly all of the latest polls show Trump gaining ground while Ted Cruz is sliding rapidly into third place behind John Kasich!

I′m not going to touch much on Georgia in this article as I am developing another one focused on that outrage. Yes! Outrage is an apt term to described what happened there this weekend. But, instead, let us look at this new trend of chicanery we are seeing from the Ted Cruz campaign. Starting with the Iowa Caucus, Cruz has shown that he is willing to play every allowable dirty trick he can to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. At first, Cruz apologized to Ben Carson for the actions his campaign executed. Later, during the South Carolina primary, Ted Cruz forced his communications director, Rick Tyler out after he took responsibility for trying to make Marco Rubio look anti-Christian, poking fun at the Holy Bible.

But, we can now clearly see since the State of Louisiana held its delegate convention that Lyin′ Ted Cruz is directing his campaign to exploit every rule, every trick they can. Earlier efforts to distance himself from these shenanigans are been exposed as errors. There is no doubt now that Lyin′ Ted Cruz is not above cheating his way to the White House.

Some may argue that this is ′politics-as-usual′. That everybody does it to one degree or another. Barack Obama worked ′The System′ himself in 2008 to win the nomination from Hillary Clinton. There is plenty of evidence of a wide range of dirty tricks having been played, especially during the caucuses held by the Democratic Party, of which Obama won 13 of 14. In actual primaries, Obama and Clinton split them nearly evenly.

The 2016 GOP presidential race is looking more and more like a repeat of the 2008 Democratic campaign. Lyin′ Ted Cruz is working ′The System′ to captured delegates in mostly caucus states, and, as with Colorado and Wyoming, voterless contests. Even at these state-wide delegate conventions, there is not even a straw poll to show a presidential preference. Ordinary, registered Republican Party members are having no direct say in whom they support.

I hear many, well-known, popular voices in the Conservative movement, Constitutionalists, and even Republican Party insiders, whom have praised Ted Cruz in the past. Many are still cheering for him despite the tainted results of discarding the basic principles of democracy and self-governance. How can what Lyin′ Ted Cruz is doing be good for the nation? What possible benefit is derived by denying the average citizen a vote, or ignoring that vote after it is cast?

Yeah, sure, political parties are private corporations. Most people who are registered with one party or another are not dues paying members. They don′t attend regular meetings or volunteer work stuffing envelops or making phone calls. Most don′t even contribute any money to the candidates of their affiliated parties. The problem is, however, that you can′t have it both ways! A party cannot say that they are representing the people when they don′t give them a say. Even worse when the party hierarchy is ignoring members who actually do contribute time and money to furthering their party′s candidates and causes.

This is not a topic limited to just the GOP. The Democratic Party is also having a lot of rumblings within it, as well. Bernie Sanders is losing the delegate battle to Hillary Rodham Clinton even in states where he wins with large margins. This is mainly due to the whole super-delegate thing. The Republican Party doesn′t have super-delegates because, apparently, they don′t need them! The GOP can rig an outcome just as well without that peculiar brand of stain.

So how is ′The System′ treating you? Is Donald Trump correct in that it is very much rigged? Or are you in the Lyin′ Ted Cruz camp where by any means possible is the order of the day? I′ve been a disgusted cynic of ′The System′ for at least some 40 years or more, but even I have to admit that I have never seen things this rotten, this bad before. I lost a lot of friends in 2012 and have been making enemies since 1996 or earlier. I wrote in my own name rather than cast a ballot for Bob Dole. I didn′t even like who the Libertarians were running that year and completely ignored Perot. I′m prepared to go to the wall for Donald Trump! Forget the blindfold and just gimme a last cigarette! This election cycle is certainly revealing just how rotted out our social, economic and political systems are. Oh, I how wish I were 20 years younger and not a dying cripple!