Chalk up another victory for Donald J. Trump! This time, the success was in the State of Florida where the prosecutor responsible for the area around Jupiter, Florida decided against prosecuting Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski had been charged with simple assault by the police in Jupiter due to a complaint filed by former Breitbart News reporter, Michelle Fields. Fields had accused Lewandowski of inappropriate contact made after a campaign event. She had left the area designated for members of The Media by the Secret Service, and made physical contact on her own of Donald Trump.

Fields was in pursuit of Trump as he left the room, trying to pose a question to him. She got inside his security detail and actually touched Trump, causing him to wince. Lewandowski approached her from behind and grabbed her left arm to pull her away from his boss. Much hay was made over the incident, as Michelle Fields initially claimed that she was manhandled and nearly thrown to the ground. Lewandowski claimed he did not touch her at all, initially, but both claims were proven false by security camera video.

Breitbart News fired Michelle Fields, who has a history of making such false claims of being roughed up while covering news events. Her senior editor, Ben Shapiro, a known supporter of Lyin′ Ted Cruz, also resigned after her dismissal in protest. The whole matter became a national story with many calling on Trump to fire Lewandowski. But Donald Trump, an honorable man, stood up for his employee and defended him vigorously.

Despite the decision by the Florida prosecutor to let the matter rest, this still may not be the end of it. We could still see civil lawsuits and counter-suits being filed. Michelle Fields, herself, might still be charged with breaking laws concerning violating Secret Service protection zones or, simple battery against Donald Trump. My guess is that the Trump campaign will let the matter slide and avoid any blow back, which could add to the false allegations that Trump is anti-women. But it may come down to what, if any, action is taken by Michelle Fields at this point. If she were smart, she′d go into doing celebrity news or become a food, film or fashion critic. In the long run, she′d probably make more money in those areas, anyway. I can′t see any genuine news outfit hiring her to be a reporter to cover hard news. But stranger things have happened.