Sorry, Ditto-heads! You cannot go around singing, ″Rush was right and you were wrong″, this time! Nope, Rush Limbaugh admitted on his radio show that he was mistaken concerning the impact of not having a straw or ′presidential preference′ poll during last weekend′s delegate convention in Colorado. As it turns out, the Republican Party of Colorado did in fact deliberately ditch such a straw poll because, under the RNC rules, it would have required some of the delegates to be bond to the results of such a vote. Several other items have surfaced in this fracas, furthering support in the objections made by the Donald Trump campaign that the process in Colorado was indeed rigged in favor of Ted Cruz.

An audio recording has emerged of a leader in the Colorado GOP bragging about how they are going to cheat Donald Trump and rig the game for Ted Cruz. Oops! Even statements made by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus have backfired after trying to claim that the rules have been in place for ″a year and beyond″ before last weekend′s convention. Maybe he thinks he lives on Venus, because the rule changes happened in August, 9 months ago and some additional tweaking took place just two months ago. Oops!

But what really takes the cake was the latest explanation by the head of the Republican party in Colorado, who now claims that the reason behind the changes are because the infrastructure to hold a state-wide primary or caucus do not exist! Each of the state′s 64 counties all use different methods for votes to be cast, counted and certified, etc. There was simply no way for them to hold a state wide caucus or primary and allow the over 1 million registered Republicans in the State of Colorado to have a direct say in the 2016 presidential race.

This is truly absurd! For starters, I seem to recall that after the 2000 vote in Florida, billions of federal dollars were given away for states and local governments to upgrade their election systems. So just how did the folks in Colorado spend their share? Of course, the real question here is if you cannot hold a state wide caucus or primary to select a US president, how can you hold any elections for other offices, like, say governor? Now we are getting into serious bull-chit territory!

The bottom line in Colorado is that the heads of all 64 county GOP organizations, as well as the chairman, secretary and treasury of the state GOP, are all a bunch of lying cheaters! They got caught red handed trying to rig the system for Lyin′ Ted Cruz. If they were smart, they would have split the 34 delegates up, giving Trump maybe 6 or 8, just to make it look authentic. But, no! Lyin′ Ted Cruz is a greedy one and his pals in Colorado delivered the whole kitchen sink. They could have done like Pennsylvania, which only ties 17 of their 71 delegates to their primary vote. Again, the leaders of the Colorado GOP suck at being thieves. The dummies could have even mimicked the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota, which is only loosely tied to the DNC for national purposes.

Ultimately, the voters in Colorado will have to take matters in their own hands to either get rid of those currently in charge of their state party, or form an alternative Republican Party which will act more like other states across the nation. Perhaps this may become a major issue that Donald Trump will be able to exploit in November, by passing new campaign laws through a frightened Congress and clean up the mess. So much effort of the past was focused on financing campaigns, much of which got tossed out by the Supreme Court. The Trump family is not very happy with voter registration laws in New York State, either, which are preventing some of Trump′s children from voting for their father next week.

Still, the big headlines in this mess are A), its now confirmed that the rules were deliberately changed recently to deny Donald Trump delegates, B) and rigged to benefit Lyin′ Ted Cruz. Let us not forget, C) Rush Limbaugh was wrong about something! I wonder how this will effect his 98.7% accuracy rating? Or whatever percentage it is? While the political parties can argue that they are private corporations and are free to make whatever rules they want concerning selecting candidates, the problem is that they are selecting candidates for PUBLIC offices! Therefore, they need to comply with some public standard passed into law by somebody. Should this be done by a legislature made up of by representatives elected under the old, flim-flam ways? Or does this require a national plebiscite? Some form of nation-wide ballot proposal that ′The People′ vote for? Something to think about, dear friends. Does the vote by the citizens really mean anything right now? If it doesn′t, then the game is over.