The gloves almost came fully off last night when CNN aired the Brooklyn Democratic Debate. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders brawled in a shouting match as each tried to out do each other in giving away the nation. The debate precedes next Tuesday ′all important′ New York State primary. Part of the reason things got testy was due to remarks made by a Sanders supporter Wednesday night at a campaign rally, referring to ″corporate Democratic whores″. The Sanders campaign spent much of Thursday trying to walk that one back as not being a direct attack against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, across the river on Manhattan, a GOP governor′s dinner featured the three remaining active, presidential candidates for the Republican Party. The audience was pro-Trump and gave Lyin′ Ted Cruz the cold shoulder.

Last night may have been the last presidential debate between Clinton and Sanders. As it is, their planned last debate happened a couple of months ago. But a few others were scheduled as voters demanded more information. Both Clinton and Sanders are promising the Moon and then some, but neither explain how they intend to pay for their giveaways. Both brag about how they will raise taxes on everyone, but that does not mean that the nation will be solvent.

While Hillary still has yet to be truly questioned about the email and Benghazi scandals, Bernie did go after her again on her corporate speeches and the big bucks she earned. Even the CNN questioners asked when she planned to release the transcripts of those speeches, but Hillary has no intention of doing so. Her latest excuse is that she wants Ted Cruz to make his speeches public.

Bernie Sanders also went after Hillary Clinton on her judgment, citing the Iraq War vote in the US Senate, as well as on trade deals. The subject of the 1994 Crime Bill came up as well by the moderators, but that does not really help Sanders out very much as he voted in support of it. Several exchanges got quite heated, causing Wolf Blitzer to ask the candidates to stop talking over each other.

Will the Brooklyn Democratic debate aired on CNN last night change the outcome of next week′s New York primary? Hard to say! Hillary Rodham Clinton do not fair as well as she has in previous debates. But Bernie Sanders did not exactly land any ′death blows′ on her, either. Most polls show Clinton ahead by 10 points or more. Only the latest Fox News poll shows the race practically dead even.