The Fox News Channel may be in deep trouble! The hate-filled, controversial host, Megyn Kelly, met with Donald J Trump at his headquarters at Trump Towers yesterday. Kelly and Trump have been engaged in a bitter feud following the first Fox News GOP presidential debate last August. Kelly dredged up old, false rumors against Trump concerning his treatment of women and attacked him several times during the debate on a personal level. Since then, Trump has refused to appear on FNC with Kelly, including a debate held just before the Iowa Caucus. But a truce may have been requested by Megyn Kelly as she angles to schedule Donald Trump to appear on her prime time special next month to be aired on the Fox broadcast network.

Obviously, this proves one thing, Megyn Kelly needs Donald Trump far more than he needs her! Her FNC show, ″The Kelly File″, got hammered Tuesday night when CNN aired a town-hall style event hosted by former Reality TV star, Anderson ″The Mole″ Cooper. Donald Trump appeared along with his wife, Melania, and his adult children, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump. The event beat Megyn Kelly with over 163,000 more viewers. Ho-Ho-Ho!

Rumors abound that Kelly is looking to leave Fox News after the 2016 presidential elections and seek employment at a major broadcast TV network. But, if Donald Trump is actually elected president, I have a hard time figuring that any network would want her. True, Kelly has turned her FNC show into a nightly anti-Trump affair, giving Trump-hating guests free reign to attack Trump on every topic. The sheer hatred exhibited by Megyn Kelly is quite ugly. Far more than any alleged tweets on Twitter by Trump.

This hatred and obvious bias may be useful for a Liberal Media network. But, Trump is news and whenever he is on, the ratings reflect his popularity. His old TV series, ″The Apprentice″, had about 20 million viewers consistently every season for about 10 years. If Trump occupies the White House next January, you better believe that the last person who will get any exclusive interviews will be Megyn Kelly. Any network she works for could find themselves in the back row at press conferences.

The word is that Roger Ailes is trying to mend fences with Donald Trump, but the task has not been an easy one. Trump has taken Ailes on directly and so far has won at every turn. Fox News has been able to get Trump to appear with other hosts, including Big Bill O′Reilly, his milkshake buddy. Trump, a teetotaler, who also refrains from tobacco, apparently does have one vice, vanilla milkshakes. You′d think that he′d at least splurge on strawberry or peppermint-chocolate-chip? But nope, our Donald is as vanilla as they come!

During her show Wednesday night, Megyn Kelly admitted that she requested the meeting with Donald J. Trump. Did she bow and scrape before him and beg for forgiveness? Who can say? Kelly did admit that Trump has yet to commit to appearing on her upcoming prime-time TV special next month. That can′t be good news! Trump may allow Kelly to interview him as it would serve him in the long run to get this conflict behind him. But she may have to relinquish some editorial control, perhaps even sticking to a strict list of questions and topics. Not a good thing for a so-called journ-o-list to be forced to do. However, as pointed out, Megyn Kelly needs Donald Trump far more than he needs her. It sucks to be her! Ho-Ho-Ho!