On April 12, the Arleigh Burke class, guided missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, DDG-75, was buzzed by a low flying Russian Su-24 jet fighter bomber. This was the third incident in as many days where the Russians acted aggressively towards the Cook while operating in the Baltic Sea in international waters. The first incident was on April 11 during a NATO exercise with a Polish helicopter as two Suhkoi-24 jet fighter bombers made a number of passes about 1,000 feet from the Cook. The warplanes were low, just 100 feet above the surface of the water. One pass occurred as the Polish helicopter had landed on the flight deck of the Donald Cook. The exercise was terminated as it was deemed unsafe.

USS Donald Cook buzzed by Russian Su-24

The next day, April 12, began with a Russian KA-27 ′Helix′ helicopter buzzing the USS Donald Cook, presumably taking pictures. The helicopter made 7 orbits about the Cook before departing. Just 40 minutes after the Russian helicopter left, two more Su-24s appeared and began flying about the Cook. One Russian jet flew within 30 feet of the US Navy warship. A total of 11 passes were made by the jets. In all incidents, none of the Russian aircraft were armed with any visible weapons, such as missiles.

There is little doubt as to the purpose of these incidents. Russian President Vladimir Putin is taunting Barack Hussein Obama. Putin is flexing his muscles showing up Obama as a weak, pathetic pseudo-leader. These actions come just as Obama is about to host a meeting of the G-20 in Washington, DC, to discuss the usual list of economic and security issues. Russian aggression may not be the main topic of discussion, as many national leaders face potential trouble from the recent leaking of the ′Panama Papers′. Hundreds of politicians, businessmen and celebrities are being tied to a massive money scandal of secret, Cayman Island bank accounts and tax evasion. The scandal has already cost the Prime Minister of Iceland his job and now may be threatening British PM David Cameron.

It seems that Cameron′s father was deeply involved and David Cameron, himself, did profit from daddy′s actions, though before becoming Prime Minister of the UK. Still, the stain is on and Cameron is being questioned heavily on the subject. Oddly enough, few Americans have yet to be implicated in the Panama Papers. Another police raid on the law offices in Panama where the alleged tax evasion and hiding of wealth was coordinated from took place yesterday. Perhaps at the same time while Russian jets were buzzing the USS Donald Cook.

Is there a direct connection between the Panama Papers and the Russian buzzing incidents against the USS Donald Cook? No, none at all. But it is just one more item on the list showing how The West is having some serious problems of late. Vladimir Putin was more likely sending Barack Hussein Obama a message regarding the recent increase of US military aid to several Baltic nations, including Poland. These moves were part of a NATO response to the pro-Russian revolts in Ukraine and the reoccupation of Crimea. Still, Western Europe is having a lot of problems. The refugee crisis is creating many of these issues, as well as the increase in activity by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Speaking of which, Putin is also signaling to Obama that Russia will not give up Syria or its friend in President Bashar al-Assad.