Last night on AMC TV, we had the Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere. It was pretty good! The Internet did buzz as the hash-tag #FearTWD scored well. We only had 6 episodes in Season 1, so it is nice to know that Season 2 will have a full compliment of 15 episodes. Plenty of time to watch this new batch of survivors deal with the early stages of the Zombie Apocalypse. If nothing else, its a good distraction from the nonsense of our political season. Perhaps a guide, as well, on how to prepare should the election results leave our nation in total chaos!

Ah, if only! Not that I want to see an apocalypse of some nature but in some respects, the sooner civilization crashes, the quicker it will recover. But I digress. So, as we last left this new group of survivors, they left downtown Los Angeles after causing a zombie horde to overrun a military command center. This was done so the group could rescue Nick Clark who was being held in detention due to his being a heroin addict. They also tried to rescue Daniel Salazar′s wife, Griselda, but she had already died from previous injuries. Their daughter Ofelia had been shot but Liza Ortiz patched her up. Nick′s detention buddy, Victor Strand, directed the group to his home on the coast where, off shore, his luxury yacht, Abigail, is loaded and ready to go.

Liza had been scratched by an ′infected′ so she was a goner. Her ex-husband, Travis Manawa, granted her mercy and shot Liza in the head upon her request. This ticked off their son, Christopher, who started off being angry at his dad even before the apocalypse. Nick′s mom, and Travis′ new girlfriend, Madison Clark, also is part of the group, along with her teenage daughter, and Nick′s sister, Alicia.

As the premiere episode, entitled ″Monster″, begins, Nick, Victor, Ofelia and Daniel reach Abigail by way of an inflatable Zodiac boat. Victor heads to the bridge and gets the yacht ready for sailing while Nick returns to the beach to pick up the rest. They are in a hurry as the US military has decided that Los Angeles is beyond saving and is bombing the city, burning the whole place down. This drives the infected zombies towards the beach where Madison, Chris, and Travis are waiting. Chris is nursing the dead body of his mother, who is wrapped up in a table cloth. Before Nick arrives, they have to fight off several zombies. Nick picks them up and gives one zombie a propeller in its face from the outboard engine. Nice!

Once all are on board, Strand hits the throttle and they flee the area. His initial plan is to head south, staying well off shore. Victor tells the group that he has heard that the Marines are making a stand at their base in Coronado near San Diego. That may be an option for finding refuge. The boat has a range of 3,000 miles, so they have plenty of options. Or do they? The last we see of Los Angeles is another flight of jet fighter-bombers raining fire and destruction on the city.

As the group settles in, there are many issues. Christopher has tucked himself away in one room with his mom′s corpse. Not a healthy thing! Travis tries to talk with him but gets a black eye instead. Madison is wondering just how much they can trust Strand? Abigail is his boat and they are living under his rules. So far, Victor has not called on them to do anything too sorted. But come daylight, the boat passes near a raft over-loaded with survivors. They shout and beg to be rescued, but Strand refuses. This puts the group on edge.

Meanwhile, Alicia is tasked to monitor a radio, presumably Citizens Band, for any information. On Channel 16, she hears the old David Bowie song, ″Five Years″, which is about the end of the world. Then she hears a voice, someone named Jack, who seems like a nice guy. She and Jack begin chatting away with each other. He claims he is on a small boat with his brother and sister-in-law. Jack tries to pump Alicia for information on her location and direction.

As things settle down, Chris finally yields to a burial at sea for his mother. As Travis recalls his life with Liza, Chris abruptly dumps her body into the Pacific, then bolts away. Chris later emerges and bonds a bit with Daniel as they fish together. Daniel catches an eel. Fresh meat for dinner! Alicia tells everyone about Jack and Strand is none too happy. He has no desire to add more passengers. They come across another yacht which has capsized. Chris dives in for a swim followed by Nick, who encounters a zombie from the capsized yacht. Travis rescues Chris with the Zodiac, then dives in the water to find Nick. Nick heard a noise in the wrecked boat and swam in to it. He finds a zombie and the boat′s log book. Nick also sees that the boat is shot up pretty bad.

At this point, Strand wants to get moving and fast! The radar has picked up another boat headed their way. The target is doing 25 knots and the best speed Abigail can do is 20 knots. The Zodiac returns with all aboard and our heroes depart. Can they outrun this new threat? Is it Jack? Is he a good guy or a pirate? Are there other threats as of yet unknown nearby, closing in on them? We will have to wait till next week to find out. But it is already clear that there is no more safety on the water as there is on land. While the group of Rick and his gang took nearly three seasons to figure out that other humans were more dangerous than zombies, it looks like this new bunch is learning the lesson much quicker!