One might think they were reading an edition of ″The Onion″! Matt Drudge of ″The Drudge Report″ posted this tidbit on how the Boston Globe has issued a fake headline as part of their assault on Donald J Trump. Journalism gone too far? What do you expect? When was the last time the Boston Globe printed any credible story? Did some real investigative journalism? 2003 with the whole Catholic priest child molesting thing? The fake headline depicts a President Trump initiating mass deportations of illegal immigrants on April 9, 2017. The Boston Globe defends their ″satirical front page″ in a ′real′ article entitled, ″The GOP must stop Trump″. It begins, ″DONALD J. TRUMP′S VISION for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American.″ Objective journalism? Hardly!

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No, the Boston Globe is showing itself to be no better than the shrill-shrieking voices of many so-called Conservatives. People accuse Donald Trump of running a hate-filled, vulgar, nasty campaign, but anyone who has studied election history knows that what we are seeing today is nowhere near as nasty as campaigns in the past. Jefferson versus John Adams was much worse, as was the showdown between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. There are many other campaigns where the mudslinging included not just accusations of infidelity and graft, but even beastiality! I don′t think we′ve descended to that level yet.

Some might consider this a product of the fear of the unknown. That we have no idea what Donald Trump might do as president. But this is silly. Donald Trump is hardly an unknown factor. He′s been in the public spotlight for decades. If you read the old Playboy interview from 1990, much of what he said then he′s still saying today. No mystery there! What Trump is saying is hardly new. Much of it has been said quietly in neighborhood bars and at family dinner tables since the 1960s and 70s. Especially when it comes to Trump′s views on the economy, the declining middle class and the imbalances in international trade.

The fear is less that of ordinary Americans as it is with those in the ruling class. Call them ′The Establishment′ or the ′Donor Class′. Whatever name you wish to assign them, they are benefiting from policies which harm the vast majority of Americans, and the nation itself. As much harm as can be leveled against Liberal Democrats for many of our national woes, many of the major blows to our way of life have come during the administrations of so-called ′moderate Republicans′.

Take Richard Nixon, for example. Not only did he muck things up with his wage and price controls, but Nixon really cleared the path for globalization when he eliminated the last ties of the gold standard to our monetary system. All through history, there have been trade imbalances. But the gold standard and its effects on currency exchange as acted as a governor, keeping such imbalances under control. Once that impediment was removed, then any country could manipulate its currency to attract industry, jobs and capital. By and large, monetary devaluation since the early 1970s has caused the destruction of our manufacturing base in America and with it, a total wrecking of our economy.

What Donald Trump has done is openly voice what many people have felt. That the politicians running the country are doing a bad job of it. They are making bad deals, bad treaties and bad decisions across the board! Why are they making these bad decisions and deals? To stay in power! To get funding needed for reelection. Its not rocket science. The problems, and the solutions are really quite simple. If you elect people who have no tie to the money machines of Wall Street and K Street, then you just might get honest government that actually does some good for the nation as a whole. Not just for ′The Select′.

Trump points out at every rally that he is self-funding his campaign. That he won′t be a puppet like the rest of the bunch. By and large, this has been his biggest appeal to many of his supporters. Estimates that around 20% of whom are Democrats, fed up with the corruption in our national politics. The big fear that many in The Establishment have is not only will Donald Trump go rogue and make decisions without their advice, but that Trump may actually start cleaning house and prosecuting them in the courts!

Trump has already pledged to give a free hand to prosecutors in going after Hillary Clinton, which, would also open the door to a full investigation on Bill Clinton and the whole Clinton Foundation. How far can Barack Obama be behind them? Once Obama took office, the whole FBI and Justice Department investigation known as Operation Board Games, looking into the graft and corruption in Illinois, came to a screeching halt. Nothing further came following the prosecution of Rod Blagojevich. Whatever happened to Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko, Obama′s old buddy? He was recently moved from a federal prison to a Chicago-area halfway house. Rumors are that the Syrian-born Rezko has been quietly advising Obama on the whole ISIS thing.

Donald Trump has caused many deep-seated frustrations about our body of politics to surface. Especially within the so-called ′Conservative′ movement. Websites like TheDailyCaller and TreeHouseConservative published stories last week about some alleged shenanigans going on with several well-known voices in ′Conservative′ circles. Of anti-Trump groups enriching these voices by buying up unsold copies of their books to help fund the chorus against Donald Trump. I don′t know how true these allegations are, but at this point, nothing would surprise me! They are all a bunch of rats in my opinion and we know of one candidate in particular who is rather found of cheese, don′t we?

Say cheese! Funny, how cheese plays a role in some of the best fictional stories on tyranny and insanity. Captain Bligh and Captain Queeg were both very big on the subject of cheese and its theft. But I digress. The Boston Globe is just another rat looking for its slice of cheese. Their fake headline about Donald J. Trump is yet another low for journalism. The funny fact that rarely gets mentioned is that the deportation of illegal immigrants happens all the time.

Both Bill Clinton and George W Bush deported over 10 million each during their 8-year stints in the White House. So for people to question Donald Trump about how do you deport 12 million is rather silly. Once you secure the border, you do not have to worry as much about the deported coming back over and over again. Just with a normal policing program, just arresting those committing routine crimes, we would make a serious dent in the immigration problem in just a few years. Even before ′The Wall′ is built, just by letting the border agents do their jobs without White House interference would get a handle on things quickly.

So no cheese for you, Boston Globe! You attempt at attacking Donald J. Trump has been shown to be what it is. A fabricated hit-piece. Not based on any truth but just idle speculation. Worse than that, one could call it propaganda! Donald Trump and his vision are not un-American. But practicing this sort of ′yellow-journalism′ is!