Here′s a tidbit which amused me from Our former buddy, Glenn Beck, is now warning that America is doomed as an archway of the Temple of Baal is being built in New York City. Must be those New York City values that Lyin′ Ted Cruz talks about! A similar archway is also being built in London, but, of course, the UK has been doomed for decades. Both archways are based on the Temple of Baal which had existed in Palmyra, Syria until Beck′s ′buddies′ in ISIS-ISIL blew it up as part of their purification program. Beck apparently claims that the Wrath of God will befall upon the United States once the archway is completed. Glenn Beck has also stated recently that God is acting through alleged, suspected adulterer, Lyin′ Ted Cruz. As the late Eddy Wally would say, ″WOW!!!″

Now, I kind of doubt that even under NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, we will have human, or even animal sacrifices at the archway under construction. But, Glenn Beck needs to complain about something and this week its the Temple of Baal. I′m sure that there are many fans of Nimrod who are just aching to utilize the structure for their nefarious ends. Maybe they′ll drag out the giant owl from the Bohemian Grove with the recording of Walter Cronkite for its commemoration?

Ah, yes! It is always silly season within ten feet of Glenn Beck! Especially these days as Beck has gone totally crazy thanks to being put off by Donald J Trump. In Glenn Beck′s mind, Trump is the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini, or perhaps even Hermann Goering? Who can forget they hilarity of Goering′s infamous press conference following ′The Night of the Long Knives′? It was certainly more fun than Saddam Hussein′s ′Day of the Rope′ assembly after he seized control of Iraq′s Baath Party. Glenn Beck is concerned that if Donald Trump is elected president, America will become a fascist state and there may be reckoning as old scores are settled. Sort of like when Michael Corleone took care of ″all family business″ while attending his godson′s baptism at the end of the original film, ″The Godfather″.

We shall see how long Glenn Beck can make hay out of this Temple of Baal stuff? Maybe he will have to round up his pal, Lyin′ Ted Cruz and deliver more soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrant children to get attention? They have to do something to help Barack Obama. Just supporting TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is not enough. Plus, thanks to Lyin′ Ted Cruz trying to shutdown the government, Obama got everything he wanted in the last couple of budgets. Perhaps Beck and Cruz will help Obama with his latest scheme to give illegal immigrants Social Security and MediCare benefits. After all, it′s God′s work, isn′t it? It′s the Christian thing to do!