Former President Bill Clinton was in Philadelphia yesterday, campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton, when he was heckled by protesters from #BlackLivesMatter. They were upset with the anti-crime law passed by the Clinton administration which imposed the three-strikes-you′re-out rule, plus other measures. Back in the 1990s, when Hillary was out stumping for her husband′s legislation, she called Black youths involved in the drug trade ″super predators″ and said that they ″must be heeled″ into submission. The protesters chanted about how the Clintons turned America into a prison state and on increases in police aggression in poor, minority neighborhoods. Most of the audience chanted ″Hillary″ to drown them out, but Bill Clinton took some ten minutes to argue with the protesters. Given the state of the nation these days, some question if Bill Clinton may have become a liability to ′candidate′ Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Bill Clinton pointed out how crack cocaine had become a national issue and how it was a blight on America, particularly in Black communities. Bill argued that Black drug dealers were killing the very same people whom #BlackLivesMatter allegedly are trying to protect. Of course, this is not the case, that #BlackLivesMatter are trying to protect anyone. They are agitators. Disruptors! Funded by George Soros and other wealthy stooges for the Far Left, the purpose of #BlackLivesmatter is to only cause more chaos and discontent and not to save any lives. Their principle target are police, the ′Thin Blue Line′ which separates civilization from anarchy.

The Barack Obama administration has been quite cozy with #BlackLivesMatter, as Obama is an agitator, himself. Plus, he has little regard for police, or, for that matter, civilization. The leadership of #BlackLivesMatter have been frequent guests at the Obama White House, often meeting with key members of his administration, including Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Under the guise of promoting civil rights and ′social justice′, #BlackLivesMatter has developed considerable, political clout.

So much so that despite their antics, like shutting down highways and bridges, and causing actual riots, the Justice Department and federal law enforcement apparatus has done nothing to curtail them. Even when #BlackLivesMatter took over the stage during a Bernie Sanders campaign event in Seattle, Washington last summer, nothing was done against them. Likewise when a protester from #BLM confronted Hillary Clinton at a fundraising event at a private residence in Florida, well inside Hillary′s Secret Service detail′s circle of protection. That, alone, is a major felony act under federal law.

One could argue that #BlackLivesMatter is a domestic terrorist group. Just look at the chaos they caused at several Donald Trump campaign events. In Chicago, they were part of a collection of Far-Left groups, including People for Bernie, whom caused so much chaos that the Trump rally there was canceled. Then we get into the actual riots in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, where #BLM played a major role in initiating and perpetuating the rioting. Also mass demonstrations in numerous cities across America as part of their anti-police protests. Several police officers have been killed and wounded in ambush attacks which followed these events. While no direction link has been tied to #BlackLivesMatter in these police assassination incidents, the timing of these attacks so shortly after #BLM protests might be seen by some as more than just a coincidence.

Far be it from me to shower any praise on Bill Clinton, but when a stopped clock is right, its right! So kudos to Bill Clinton for taking a stand and trying to tell the truth to #BlackLivesMatter protesters. Bill should also be given a ′well done′ for defending his wife. He didn′t throw her under the bus for a change. Bill Clinton certainly showed more guts than Bernie Sanders did when ′The Bern′ surrendered his microphone to #BlackLivesMatter last summer. Bill Clinton is correct, how can #BLM defend crack dealers as heroes of ′The Hood′ and champions of ′social justice′? Such predators, along with Planned Parenthood and a variety of Liberal-Progressive programs have done far more damage to the Black community than the Klan has over the past 60 years. So you may be surprised at me saying this, but ″Good job, Bill Clinton for telling the truth for once!″