As Amanda Carpenter would say of Ted Cruz in many of those 900-plus tweets she deleted from her Twitter account recently, ″Daddy is in a good mood today!″ I′m sure ′Daddy′ is, Amanda, after winning the 2016 Wisconsin primary. The Donald J Trump campaign issued a rather bland statement written by a staffer, accusing Ted Cruz of being a ″Trojan Horse″, shilling for the GOP Establishment. Oh how true, in some respects, as Cruz has no clear path to winning the GOP presidential nomination. Even if he had won Wisconsin outright, and gained all 42 delegates, ′Daddy′ Cruz would still have had to win 88% of all remaining delegates. That, simply, is just not going to happen. Trump managed to keep Cruz below 50% and has won at least 3 delegates, and possibly may wind up with as many as 9. But the analogy to a Trojan Horse is an error. Ted Cruz is more like a cuckoo bird, thus we may call him, Cuck Cruz.

Why is Lyin′ Ted not a Trojan Horse? In the classic tale by Homer, the Trojan Horse is used as a vehicle for the conquest of Troy, sneaking in a team of commandos to open the city gates. The Ted Cruz campaign is going to Cleveland due to its earlier wins. So it does not have to sneak anything. One may point to how the ′Cruz Crew′ is busy trying to steal delegates and seats on convention committees. But this is more like a carjacking than a commando raid. Add to this the fact that even with all of the machinations by Cruz, he will not conquer anything.

No, Ted Cruz is not a Trojan Horse. As I described yesterday, Ted Cruz is like a cuckoo bird, known for caring for the eggs laid by other birds rather than its own. We can take this one of two ways. Either Cruz is acting to set the stage for an open, brokered convention which would enable somebody else to be nominated, like Paul Ryan. Or, if Ted Cruz does indeed win the nomination for himself, this will only happen because the GOP Establishment will allow him to win as they actually want Hillary Rodham Clinton to be elected president in November.

What? How can this be? Ted Cruz cannot beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. He couldn′t even beat Bernie Sanders! Cruz simply will not be able to withstand the full onslaught of the Democratic Party machine and its ally, The Media. Not only will we be bombarded by endless TV ads of Cruz reading Dr. Seuss and being tagged as shutting the government down, spreading fear of Social Security payments being halted. We can also expect a horde of journalists actually probing the infidelity allegations on Ted Cruz. We are already getting hints that his name may be prominent in the client book of the notorious ′Mayflower Madame′.

As I have stated repeatedly, Ted Cruz has managed to avoid the full fury of media scrutiny because they have been focused for the last 9 months on attacking Donald J Trump. Up until early December, Cruz would not even utter one word about Trump himself, hoping to stay in his shadow and maybe even absorb his supporters should Trump be knocked out of the race. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the Trump supporters will refuse to follow Cruz. Ted has pissed away that opportunity by making numerous comments attacking the Trump supporters. As we have seen, they are a determined bunch and quite angry, too!

We really do not have to worry. Ted Cruz has had his last hurrah. The next contest is in New York State, where the latest poll shows Donald Trump at 56% with Ted Cruz at 20% and John Kasich at 19%. Worse than that, the same poll shows that among GOP primary voters, 75% say they would NEVER vote for Cruz and 76% would NEVER vote for Kasich! Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong! Trump stands a very good chance of winning all 95 delegates from New York. The following week, on April 26, a number of Northeastern states vote with a total of 152 delegates, most from winner-take-all states like 71 from Pennsylvania. A new poll shows Trump leading there as well, even after having ″his worst two weeks ever″.

James Carville says that part of Pennsylvania votes like Alabama, which Trump won. While I doubt they are sitting on their front porches, playing ″I′m a Good Ole Rebel″ on their banjos, the folks in Pennsylvania are angry about bad trade deals and the lack of jobs. Its Trump territory! This is why come April 27, it will be mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to win the 1237 delegates needed to be the GOP nominee. How don′t care how much mac-n-cheese Heidi Cruz whips up for her hubby, nor even how many times Amanda Carpenter calls Ted Cruz ″Daddy″. The game is over. The truth is the game has been over for about a month already.

Ted Cruz can try and play the anti-Establishment candidate, but it just does not wash with reality. Nor does this nonsense of him being the Constitutional or Conservative candidate. Cruz is Establishment all the way and has been his whole life. The Harvard graduate was nurtured within the extended Bush family. You may as well say he′s a cousin of George W and Jeb. Heidi, too, earned her ′bones′ with the Bush Bonesmen. She and Ted may as well have ′322′ engraved in their wedding rings! Her working for JPMorgan-Chase. Goldman Sachs and shilling for the Council of Foreign Relations also points the way to the truth here.

As Bill Clinton′s old mentor, Carroll Quigley wrote in his tome, ″Tragedy and Hope″, The Establishment nudge us further down the road of Progressive, Socialism by playing the game of ′Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis′. You control both sides of an argument in order to arrive at a desired consensus. Ted Cruz plays his role well as the so-called Conservative actor in this kabuki dance. But, in truth, Cruz is a Cuckservative. Look how well his alleged call to shut down government played into the hands of Barack Obama and the Democrats. They got exactly what they wanted thanks to Ted Cruz.

So yes, Virginia, Ted Cruz is a cuckoo bird, not a Trojan Horse. The sooner the Donald J Trump campaign realizes that, the quicker they can develop a proper strategy to destroy him. Just defeating Cruz by edging him out of the delegate race is not enough. Ted Cruz must be totally destroyed and humiliated! He is the perfect example of a Cuckservative. Annihilating him would give Trump a trophy to display for the general election in November that would earn him the respect, and support, of millions of people who normally would never vote Republican. Heck, even Susan Sarandon thinks Donald Trump would be better than Hillary Rodham Clinton! The narrative of a vote for Ted Cruz being one for The Establishment, even for Hillary Clinton, is the way to destroy him. Maybe then Amanda Carpenter will tweet that ″Daddy″ is having a bad day!